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FreeClip: Huawei's new headphones are also a fashion accessory – computers

FreeClip: Huawei's new headphones are also a fashion accessory – computers

There are new features in Huawei’s catalog that were showcased at an event in Dubai, as part of its vision of “Creating Beauty.” This new line of products seeks to combine technological needs with contemporary trends in the digital age. Among the products are the FreeClip headset, the MateBook D 16 laptop and the MatePad 13.2 tablet.

In an innovative style, the Huawei FreeClip presents itself as a type of circular piercing, and promises an elegant line, using open ear technology. The C-Bridge design that connects the components also acts as a hanging clip on the ear, strengthening the fastening mechanism, in order to reduce tension on the cartilage and be more comfortable to wear.

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Huawei explains that more than 10,000 global human ear data were used while creating the wearable. It was then subjected to more than 25,000 reliability tests to verify the durability and malleability of its structure. Its case has the autonomy of charging for 36 hours of use (eight hours on headphones when playing music).

FreeClip is the first true wireless open-ear stereo headphone system. It has been designed to be very light, weighing 5.6 grams, and promises to be comfortable and resistant when placed in the ear. It is available in black and purple. Hey The two-part connector, the C-Bridge system, has an adaptive sensor that recognizes the ear and adjusts the force of the clamping mechanism.

Hey The model also makes it easier for the user to frequently engage in outdoor sports or use headphones to switch between online calls and conversations in the office.. The model has an IP54 rating, and is resistant to water and sweat resulting from exercise.

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The earbuds use Smart Wear Detection technology, which allows you to use them without worrying about checking if they are in the right ear. And the The audio sharing system allows two FreeClips to be connected to one device. You can then share the music with your better half or up to four people, each of whom has their own headset in the meeting. It is also compatible with Huawei's SuperDevice function, to facilitate connection to two devices simultaneously, whether they are two smartphones or combined with a tablet and computer.

You The Freeclip headphones hit the market for 199.90 euros The launch campaign includes the Band 8 smart bracelet.

The MateBook D 16 2024 is Huawei's new laptop, but it arrives in Portugal with a Spanish keyboard, thus changing the placement of accents and symbols. Hey The model has a 16-inch FullView display and is equipped with a 12th generation Intel Core i9 processor. The computer is greyWith a 17mm thick metal body and a weight of 1.68kg, it is easy to transport.

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Huawei highlights its Wi-Fi antenna, which received a five-star rating from SGS, ensuring a more stable connection up to 270 meters from the router. It contains a 70 Wh battery. The model uses tools for AI-powered video calling, including an AI camera and AI audio.

Hey The laptop hits the market at a starting price of €799.90 It offers FreeBuds 5i headphones at launch.

Finally, the Chinese company revealed MatePad Pro 13.2, a tablet that wants to be a creative companion for users. It has a 13.2-inch OLED screen, and the body ratio is 94%. The tablet aims to be one of the thinnest on the market and features narrow bezels.

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With the arrival of the tablet comes the third generation of the M-Pencil, with support for more than 10 thousand pressure levels, which improves the production of fast and accurate strokes due to low latency and high response rate, highlighting the manufacturer. Hey Detachable Keyboard The Smart Magnetic Keyboard includes a touchpad, which also serves as a protective cover for the tablet.

You The products were unveiled alongside a new artistic activity called “GoPaint Global Creativity Activity,” which begins on January 5 of next year. Huawei will provide a global platform for digital creators to share their work.