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French customers of N26 claim that online banking has stolen money from them: what is it really?

French customers of N26 claim that online banking has stolen money from them: what is it really?

Closed accounts and blocked money: An online bank that has already attracted 2.5 million users in four years in France has come under heavy criticism from some users. What exactly is it?

Bad chatter N26 Online Bank has 2.5 million customers in France And 7 million in Europe, one after the other The RMC show aired on November 20. Born in Germany, who were particularly dissatisfied, the radio gave voice to the customers of this Neobank. They allege that the establishment has been in France for four years They closed their account without warning them, especially with their money.

Radio quotes the case of Valerie, who started an account two years ago. The relationship with the bank continued normally until his account was frozen last March. “Following the blocking of this account, I was informed that it would be closed. Once the account is closed, you will not have any contact with them,” explains the RMC’s auditor. “The excuse in claiming to check accounts within the framework of the fight against money laundering is, ultimately, being used as an excuse to steal money from some of their customers.” கணக்கில் 300 was credited to his account.

Another example is Guilloin’s loss: his business account was credited with 9,000 and later closed without being able to recover his money. “It is the most popular bank in the metro with posters. They stole € 9,000 from me, My money was confiscated. In the emails, we told them that they were ruining people’s lives, but they did not care and we only got automatic replies. You are ruining people’s lives by doing that, ”laments the grieving customer.

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Accounts were blocked after routine checks

According to N26, during “routine checks”, some accounts may be blocked from conducting the necessary inquiries, which can sometimes lead to account closures. Not compliant with banking terms or general sales terms. “There are different cases, which explains N26’s communications Free afternoon. You must prove that you are a French resident and have resided in France for at least six months, subject to the N26 General Sales Conditions in France. If there are expenses abroad for a long period of time, the account may be blocked and then closed. Another possibility: an account ends up in a fraudulent transaction system after a phishing or scanning process. Our growth is strong in France, and fraudsters profit from it.

The account was withheld for the duration of the trial“, N26 explains the communication from France. The information is sent to the controller, who informs about the closing of the customer account.” He needs to send us a new iPhone to recover his money. Sometimes, people forget to give it to us. “Above all, it should correspond to the previous level of accounting in N26: personal or professional.

Become the leading bank in Europe

N26 Bank states that it exchanged about four cases cited as examples to the RMC and provided a response to each of them. “We will openly return the money to the people, if it has not already been done, the communications officer insists. Our job is to protect customers’ money.” He denies the number 530 complaints have been registered on the internet. “There is no evidence to support this figure when analyzing customer service complaints.” The RMC, for its part, confirms that reports have been sent to suppress fraud.

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This article is too bad for N26, which recently held its fifth fundraiser. Its ambition is to become the leading bank in Europe. Following Brexit’s exit from Great Britain, the N26 soon seeks to re-focus on the Seba region (single euro payment area) with 24 markets – the “most complex market”. N26, Germany’s second most valuable bank, wants to tackle Eastern European countries.