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Den britiske marinen sitt skip HMS Severn

French Fishermen and British Navy Ships Leave Jersey – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The background is a conflict over fishing rights after Brexit.

The British Autonomous Island of Jersey is located off the northwest coast of France in the English Channel.

On Thursday morning, the British patrol boats HMS Severn and HMS Tamar were in place to “monitor the situation” after French fishermen threatened the night before to close the port in the capital, St. Helier.

As a result, the French authorities also sent two patrol ships to the region, according to Agence France-Presse.

French European Minister Clement Boone said Britain’s decision to send warships would not frighten them.

We don’t want a tense situation to happen, but we do want a prompt and complete presentation of the Brexit agreement, says Boone, who has been in contact with his British counterpart, Brexit Minister David Frost.

to me BBC About 60 boats gathered at the port on Thursday morning to protest. The boats blocked the cargo ship which was unable to exit.

But in the afternoon, the ampere condition subsided. French fishermen headed home and the British summoned their naval ships.

“Given that the situation has been resolved this time, British Navy patrol boats will return to their ports in the United Kingdom,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement.

On Thursday morning, French fishing boats congregate outside Port St. Helier in Jersey. The map from MarineTrafffic also shows the British naval ship HMS Severn (in blue).

Graphics: MarineTraffic

– It is totally unacceptable

New British rules impose restrictions on French fishermen who wish to operate near the islands in the English Channel.

– French Minister of the Sea Annick Girardin said at the French National Assembly on Tuesday that this is totally unacceptable.

She emphasized that the French government is ready to respond to the changes of British rule.

This situation could have consequences for power cables from France to the autonomous British Isles, according to Girardin.

According to the French authorities, the British authorities have published a list of 41 fishing boats that have been granted permission to fish in the waters around Jersey. 344 boats were served.

On the same list, the British came up with many new demands that had not been discussed or informed before, the French media wrote.

French fishing boats demonstrate in Jersey Harbor

Dozens of French fishing boats protested outside the port in the capital, Saint Helier, on the island of Jersey.

Photo: Samir Al-Domi / Agence France-Presse

In the aftermath of Brexit

France believes that any new UK rules should be announced to the European Commission in line with the Brexit agreement between the UK and the European Union.

This should not happen when, before the weekend, the British introduced new rules regarding licenses to fishermen who are allowed to operate outside the Channel Islands. In practice, restrictions are placed on where fishing vessels can stay and what equipment can be used.

Fisheries has been one of the toughest topics in the Brexit negotiations. In the Franco-British fishing dispute, the temperature has gradually increased in recent weeks.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Yesterday Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke with Jersey Prime Minister John Law Founder and Secretary of State Ian Gorst and promised the island’s full support. They criticized France for exaggerated threats.

Photo: Reuters

Also the Brexit problem for Norway

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union also forced Norway to negotiate new fisheries agreements with both the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Norway and the United Kingdom have not yet managed to agree. Last week, negotiations on a new fisheries agreement came to a complete halt.

Discussions revolve around mutual access to water and stakes in common stock.

Norway and the European Union did not agree after Brexit. This is about cod fishing around Svalbard.

When the British left the European Union, Norway chose to reduce the old EU quota by discounting the historic British fishing. Thus the remaining member states of the European Union received a new quota of cod in the Svalbard region of 17,885 tons, while the United Kingdom got a quota of 5,500 tons.

It was rejected by the European Union, which responded in January with a much larger quota of 28,431 tonnes.

Norway, for its part, has threatened to arrest fishing vessels that exceed the quota set by Norway.

Jersey is the largest island in the English Channel. The British Autonomous Isles are located 22 kilometers off the coast of France.

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