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French radio enjoys the Portuguese: “As if there was a cattle farm”

French radio enjoys the Portuguese: “As if there was a cattle farm”

Radio presenter Philip Caffrifer also spoke about the terrible taste of Cristiano Ronaldo and the restaurant hours in no introduction.

Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the goals.

He was happy disappointed. In this way, Philippe Caffrieviere, of the French RTL radio, spoke about Portugal and Portuguese, in incidents that took place after a visit to our country. The announcer said the difference in the watch’s time zone is quite different when it comes to fashion. “Portuguese dress in 2008” and put hair gel “with the effect of cement, because they are Portuguese.”

“Indeed, all Portuguese youth wear gold glasses, tattoos and very narrow shirts bearing the slogan” God alone can rule me. “It is strange that an entire country wants to appear as a competition in reality shows, as if there was a cattle ranch. .

Cristiano Ronaldo was given as a special example of bad taste. “Are you a billionaire and have you seen how you dress?” “The ancestors of the Portuguese discovered the Indies, and their descendants discovered Jess, Zara and Desigual,” he added.

A recent vacation in Portugal was worth a few jokes about the establishments being closed at 1pm on the weekend (“If a person wakes up at 12:30 pm, the day is short”). As expected, the jokes were not well received by all the Portuguese and the children of immigrants in France. In social networks, for example, there were those who pointed to Philip Caffrieffire as an example of arrogance and considered dating a case of xenophobia.

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Here, comedian and broadcaster Luis Franco Bastos, outfitted with the Portuguese team jersey, took the opportunity to respond with his facts at RFM. “I went to investigate Philip Caffrieffire’s file and I have to say that I am not getting tips from people like him wearing wooden necklaces.” “He goes to the radio, dressed as Tarzan.”

Luis Franco Bastos then paralled his own experience spending a week in France. The comedian remembers arriving in Paris on January 1, 2015, the day of the attack on the satirical newspaper “Charlie Hebdo”. “When the airport garbage dump was filled with soldiers, the city was turned upside down. It was horrific to learn that historians were killed in cold blood because of a religious joke, and on the other hand I can say that everything in France was well dressed, which I think is important.”

“It was impossible for us to compete with the complexity of the Parisian attire that I had seen. We wore tight T-shirts, they wore a bulletproof vest so that they could leave the house (…). Compare the experience that Philip had in Portugal with the one I had in France Would you rather go to a place where there is nothing but clothes from 2008 or to a place where you have freedom of expression from the sixteenth century? ”He added.

Regarding the comments to Ronaldo, Bastos took the opportunity to remember that the captain of the national team was dressed very elegantly in France, “pretty adorned”: the European Champions Cup that the national team won in that country in 2016, to be exact. The French national team.

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Philippe Cafriviere personally shared Luis Franco Bastos’ response to his history on social media with a compliment that brings to mind the French expression “touché”: “the funny and clever response from my Portuguese colleague.”

Funny and clever answer from my Portuguese colleague

Posted by Philip Cafriviere On Tuesday 13 April 2021