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French team: "Created to break Kylian's record", a fan of Hugo Loris Mbabane.

French team: “Created to break Kylian’s record”, a fan of Hugo Loris Mbabane.

After spending a night “tasting” this qualification for the 2022 World Cup, Hugo Loris presented himself to the press this Sunday. The following year, he became the second French player to play in a fourth World Cup final.

What feeling prevails after this qualification for the 2022 World Cup and the big win against Kazakhstan?

Hugo Loris. Keyword satisfaction. I remember the solidarity with the public and this excellent performance because success at such important scores is less and less harmless. We had this killer spirit, and it turned out to be a very pleasant match for the Parc des Princess players and spectators.

What is your vision for this 2021 ending year?

We have achieved two of our three goals this year. It is difficult to win in a game with high performance, let alone in the first place. These 10 minutes against Switzerland drove us out of the euro, and moments of doubt continued into September. But we found our values ​​and the competition animated us. This was the situation against Belgium in the second half and then against Spain. Always very happy to win with the Blues jersey.

Is Kylian Mbappé an alien?

He was in his garden in the Parc des Princess, and he can be seen with full confidence. Like all French players participating in the Euros, when expectations are not met, doubts and questions arise. This is what the big champions do. Kylian is created to break records and win titles, he doesn’t have to set boundaries.

Have you already defined your international future after the World Cup and want to stay in the blue after Qatar?

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It’s hard to project yourself. More than I did when I was a kid, I take matches one after another. We enjoy work, competition, and suffering because we have nothing. To be at the highest level, you need to know how to manage these ups and downs. Currently I have not set any limits for myself.

Did you sleep well last night or did you think about the fact that you are going to play in the fourth World Cup final?

I tasted it. Admittedly, this is not a file, but you should enjoy these moments of sharing with your partners and staff. Expectations from the media and the public abound. So when you reach the goals, you have to allocate time to taste.

You will definitely go to Qatar in March. Is it a good idea to play at the World Cup venue?

Getting an idea of ​​what to expect is always a good thing. I have never traveled to the Gulf countries, everything we ask for is flawless and I hope they will be eager to highlight their country by hosting one of the most beautiful World Cups in the world. ‘Story.

How do you analyze the return of Karim Benzema to the French team?

He has a light on the pitch and he brings a few more to the team. We all agree that his return is marked by his acting. He’s a great player.

What makes you believe that the French team can consistently win a second World Cup?

We will have to work hard to keep up with our pace. More requirements are needed to be a title holder, but all major countries have the same objectives. When we look at the potential we have in terms of quality, we should not set limits. But you need a well-defined structure. You always have to search for things and it will not come automatically.

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You will come to the conclusion of your contract in June 2022. Where are you talking about the next phase of your career?

I know I am in the last stages of my career and I may have 2, 3 or 4 more years. I do not care about the contract situation. My priority is Spurs, but there will be discussions with the club.

You can come back to France End your life?

I do not close any doors and take pleasure in performance when there is a certain structure and well-defined work philosophy. There is joy in success. I feel so good at Spurs, I’m still looking forward to the trophy with the club, but it has not snatched away what we have been able to do better in recent seasons.