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Friederky 2021. Mary Spolsky - Who is the character singer?

Friederky 2021. Mary Spolsky – Who is the character singer?

Merry Spolsky, Marcin Prokop, Coffee Tresvica and Robert Karbovich Had the opportunity to host the Fryderyk 2021 Awards in Szczecin. Characteristic appearance and demeanor are not the only big fan base for her. The star is friends with many people associated with the show business. Recently, Maria Eva Zack made her debut as a writer and published her first book.

Friederky 2021. Who is Mary Spolsky?

Mary Spolsky, or Maria Eva Zack, was born on November 14, 1993 in Warsaw. She is the daughter of designer Eva Zakilska and fascist Arcadius Sack. The session musician was particularly active in the 1980s and recorded bass parts for the soundtrack to “Academy Bana Glexa” and recorded selected songs from the album “Frank Kimono”. When Maria was 14, she began learning to play the guitar. This tool was given to her by her father.

The 27-year-old has a music education. She is the 1st and 2nd degree state music school number. Friedrich Sopin in Warsaw in violin class. As a child, he studied at Machulsky’s Theater Center. He then studied English Linguistics and American Studies at the University of Warsaw and screenwriting at the Warsaw Film School.

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Although Makija made her debut on the big stage with the band, in 2014 she began working under the nickname Mary Spolsky. In the following years, he presented his talent in many competitions and won many awards. In 2017, his song “Glad to Know You” was released, and in the same year, the singer’s first album appeared on the market under the name Kayaks.

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Two years after the release of the first album, “Teklak Meri” appeared on the market. The singles “Fake” and “Pikotka” and “Masovika Geeka” gained considerable popularity. The album peaked at number 15 on the Top 50 Best Selling Albums in Poland. Thanks to this album, he was nominated for a Friedrich 2020 Award in the “Electronic Album of the Year” category.

Mary Spolsky did not just focus on music. Since 2020, he has been collaborating with Radio Newons, where he hosts the show “Alphabet Spolsky” for which he invites many artists. In June 2021, Maria Eva Zack made her literary debut. Published a book entitled “I am Maricia, I think I will commit suicide today.”

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