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'Friends' and 'Seinfeld' actor Richard Rowat dies

‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfeld’ actor Richard Rowat dies

Richard RoddThe actor who appeared on the series Friends and Seinfeld has passed away at the age of 89. The news has already been confirmed Los Angeles Times.

According to the publication, the artist died in Orange County, California on August 5, but no further details about the death have been revealed so far.

on one obituary Shared in the Los Angeles Times, Richard has been described as ‘Big fan’ Lakers and angels and “The most supportive friend anyone in the entertainment industry could have.”. “His greatest love was his family, with whom he shared a sense of humour, intelligence, and an incomparable pleasure of life.”is reading.

“Richard was lucky enough to marry the love of his life, his true soul mate, Cathy. They recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.”

Richard appeared in many of the great TV series of the 20th century. In the series Seinfeld, he played a doctor who discovers that Elaine is a “difficult patient,” which was an understatement, in an episode of season eight. In ‘Cheers’, he played Norm’s boss, Mr. Hecht, and in the movie Friends, he played the anxious fellow who criticizes Ross for dating a college student, Elizabeth.

Richard Rowat, who had his first major role in 1962, in The Doctors, also participated in productions such as Cheers, Murphy Brown, Dallas, Hawaii Five-O, Fantasy Island, “The Fugitive”, “Mad Be You” and “The New Prince of Belle” Air”, “Maris Vivas”, “Happy Days” and many others.