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From diapers to passion.  Melania Gomez reviews the movie “Hell’s Kitchen”: “Only those who do it understand it”

From diapers to passion. Melania Gomez reviews the movie “Hell’s Kitchen”: “Only those who do it understand it”

In the Hell’s Kitchen Celebrities On this day, Sunday, November 5 Ljubomir Stanisic dictate that it should be Melania Gomez To give up competition. In conversation with the site Show fameActress A “Very positive balance” The participant revealed that he had to wear diapers while recording the SIC format and also praised his colleague Noemia Costa.

The invitation to participate in the program came to him unexpectedly and he really thought it was all a joke. “mistake”But it wasn’t like that. “I thought the whole thing was crazy. I love to cook, but to eat. But then I realized the idea was to create a mix of people who can cook well and others who don’t.He started counting.

Although this challenge is what defines her, the actress never thought it could be so tiring. “It was fun, but very tiring. Only those who do it will understand it. I never imagined it was possible to experience so many emotions in the kitchen. There are long hours of filming, we started at 7am and finished only at 9pm.SIC face detection.

Melania admitted that there were times during filming when she rested for only 15 minutes, in order to prepare for the difficult tests. “It was non-stop. Cooks were rare, so anyone who wanted to understand anything at all had to waste some time., He said. It was all these intense hours of recording that prompted the actress to submit a special request to the production.

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Melania admits she wore diapers while recording

Without wasting time, Melania focused on her goal: absorbing all the knowledge acquired by chefs Ljubomir Stanisic, Manuel Maldonado that it Rafael Bombero It was for teaching. However, every minute was too little, even to go to the bathroom.

“I couldn’t even go to the bathroom, I was wearing diapers. I asked production, ‘Please bring me diapers.’ I asked, for the love of God, that you bring me diapers.”Melania Gomez admitted that this reinforces the need for such security.

Even if it was just to feel safe, given the time constraints, the presenter also revealed that she didn’t use it in the end: “I couldn’t do it after that, it was just having security there.”

Praise for Lyubomir: “He is a very demanding person”

In response to a question about the Bosnian chef’s explosive temperament, the former participant said: Hell’s Kitchen peremptory order: “He is a very demanding person, and working in the kitchen is not for everyone. If he does not match that demand, he is gone.”

Although we have already seen Lyubomir interact more effectively in other editions of the SIC format, this time the chef adopted a different stance with a group of celebrities. “The level of demand we had was right for what we do. I think it’s calmer than I usually know.”Melania Gomez highlighted.

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Feelings at the time of saying goodbye

“The day I left, I was so tired. I hadn’t had a day off for a long time. I was on my knees, and it was the exhaustion that took away my strength.”Melania Gomez revealed the reasons that prompted her to be expelled from the program, which was broadcast today, Sunday.

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But it wasn’t just her expulsion that was difficult, we can see in the last few episodes that saying goodbye is always complicated for the lead. All because I knew many of my colleagues for a few years and I was… Hell’s Kitchen To enable reunification.

“the invitation [para o programa] This has changed a bit, as people are with each other more. From the moment you have children, all your time belongs to your children.He added that during filming he was also working on other projects in parallel.

However, he believes it is completely normal for emotions to “surface” on a program of this nature. “Emotions are more raw. Everyone was doing their best, but none of them were a cook.And highlighted.

“It always moves me to see people doing their best and then getting fired. I found Noemia’s firing very unfair.”He added, referring to his fellow professional as one of the good encounters he had in the SIC programme.

“I made my debut 20 years ago with Noémia at Parque Mayer and when we met in Hells Kitchen, I thought he was really funny. Months later we returned to work at A Casa da Aurora. Noemia is an inspiration to me as an actress and a woman, she is a fighter.Complete.

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Roots, grandma’s food, and her dishes you won’t forget

Still speaking to our website, Melania admitted that she was very happy when she finished the programme “excited” Ability to prepare new dishes for family and friends. “I have now returned to my ‘fast food’, which is my grandmother’s. No way, it takes time to cook with taste.”confirmed.

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“I’m very supportive of all the people who have to cook at the end of the work day. I’m lucky, I work 12 hours straight, I come home and the food is ready.The actress and presenter declared, leaving several compliments for her grandmother.

If she had to choose just one dish from her grandmother, Melania leaves no doubt: “It’s duck rice”. However, he has not forgotten his roots, and there is a dish of Viana do Castelo that remains in his memory. “I really like cabedilla rice, which is a traditional rice from my land.”I finish.