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From free kick merit to high pressing: “Kukcho is the most complete midfielder outside the Big-5” – Benfica

From free kick merit to high pressing: “Kukcho is the most complete midfielder outside the Big-5” – Benfica

Turkish appears in ‘The Athletic’

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Kökçü is the “jewel in the crown” of Feyenoord, and it defines the athlete. Or, if you prefer, “the most complete midfielder outside the major European leagues”. As part of the analysis of 50 promising players under the age of 25, the English newspaper now focuses on the Turkish player and recognizes many qualities: from his willingness to play with both feet, his ability to execute set pieces to his high blood pressure. Practiced, in the style of Roger Schmidt.

The portal – which recently ‘provided’ Gonzalo Ramos with photos of various moments from the game – has promoted why so many clubs are interested in the Feyenoord midfielder. One of the main conclusions drawn by the Englishmen is that Coxo is a “modern midfielder”. “He approaches the center back to receive the ball and immediately thinks of advancing on the pitch. Whether with a pass or dribbling, his first thought is always attack,” you can read about the player, whose frequent -2-3-1 of Feyenoord plays on left side of midfield, which also happens in a 4-3-3 system. So great was his impact on the game that the 22-year-old midfielder was the second player with the most touches in the Eredivisie, second only to Jurrien Timber, of Ajax.

The numbers he provides – he also has, for example, an average of 12.6 progressive passes per 90 minutes (more than Enzo Fernandes in the Premier League, who has 9.7) – show “Kokjo’s willingness for a team that regularly faces opponents who are positioned in lower blocks,” he also defends the athlete.

Left foot very helpful and same specialty as Grimaldo

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The right foot is the Turk’s favorite, but that doesn’t mean he succumbs to the left. Even when shooting on goal. So much so, that five of his last 21 goals were scored with his weaker foot. It must be said that one of the other qualities he is praised has to do with the fact that he is a set-piece specialist, just like Grimaldo. “Corner kicks, especially those taken from the left side, are always within his competence, as are free kicks at any point in the opponent’s field,” it can read.

Strong in hypertension

But the Feyenoord player doesn’t just stand with the ball at his feet. “He was key for the team to win the ball back in wide areas. He would assist his fellow strikers – usually a mix of Jiménez, Sebastian Szymanski, Osama Idrissi, Diloson and Alireza Jahanbakhsh – with intense pressing that forced opponents to lose the ball close to their own areas,” the Englishman maintained. .

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