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From "hate to love"!  Joanna confirms reconciliation with Bruno Savati: “I miss him” Nacional

From “hate to love”! Joanna confirms reconciliation with Bruno Savati: “I miss him” Nacional

One of the most controversial couples on TVI’s reality show was Bruno Savate and Joana Albuquerque. The duo started dating with the release of “Big Brother – Double Impact” in the first weeks. However, as the game progressed, constant discussions and doubts began.

Not final, Joanna was the winner and Bruno was second. But the two ended up turning around and not speaking anymore. In the last days, Pita de Cascais approached the boxerExpect the resumption of the relationship.

The confirmation came in late afternoon on Tuesday, the 20th. Joanna and Bruno were on the Christina Ferrera show and they flirt. “I missed him, I thought he missed me too and it worked. When I was in the Algarve, I texted him and we talked again“, Joanna revealed.

It wasn’t easy to take up dating in public, largely due to the “huge controversy” that had taken place the two of them. Joanna took the lead because she felt like she found happiness next to Bruno. Otherwise, he wouldn’t “try many times” to regain his attention.

On the afternoon of Monday, April 19, Joanna Albuquerque and Bruno Savate shared a photo of the two of them together. “Big Brother – Double Impact” winner used Twitter to post the photo without comment. Bruno preferred Instagram for the photo with Joana. ‘Nothing good for sushi’, Wrote.

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