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From Network Errors to Faulty Computers: ANPRI Deplores Failed Benchmarking Tests in Digital Support – Computers

From Network Errors to Faulty Computers: ANPRI Deplores Failed Benchmarking Tests in Digital Support – Computers

Teachers were instructed to implement digital support for assessment tests for students in grades 2, 5, and 8 just two days before they start on May 16. between two Issues related to installing systems and related exams, where teachers, through ANPRI (National Association of Computer Educators) expected problems with system implementation “from day to day”.

After taking the exams, the teachers deplored the problems involved in the process, with an opinion published by ANPRI. The federation indicates that it is not against conducting assessment tests in digital form, but rather highlights its usefulness as another tool used during the school year. However, for the association, The well-known advantages of implementing a digital process cannot fall on “fewer teachers, that is, those with more knowledge in the digital field”.

The problems and concerns that the teachers reported were brought up in a clarification session with a team from the Institute for Educational Evaluation (IAVE). mentioned that Most of the actions fall on the shoulders of computer science teachers, and they are not technicians.

Defective computers accumulate without warranty

Among the points made in the document was the change from doing the test in browser form to an app. ANPRI says that “there was insufficient time to conduct tests of sufficient size, which would allow testing of the many entrances that were to be performed simultaneously, within the scope of the calibration test.” She adds that the Ministry of Education was aware of the start of measurement tests in digital support with the changes that occurred in the process provided to teachers during the school year and without IT technicians in most schools to support the process.

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The computers in the Digital School Kit are already out of warranty. When it crashes, it piles up, and ANPRI indicates that the Firms charge far above market values ​​and parents refuse to pay the demand. On the other hand, many students also lost their SIM cards.

In the same way, many students have not yet had their kits assigned, and others whose parents have refused to receive them. Finally, Given that schools have allocated all their kits, they no longer have equipment for students who have had their computers down, to take the exam..

In the short period of preparing computers for the tests, ANPRI confirms that The digital school kits that are delivered to students are in your home, not in the school. Students cannot install the software on the device because they do not have administrator profiles. And that many computers have malfunctions and damages.

Schools though To be able to choose to take the exam offline on the network, it is necessary to create a local server, an option that teachers say is technically complex.According to the manual available to them, in 13 pages with configurations of ports, networks, etc. Again, tests will always be required beforehand to verify systems.

a As of May 16, the day the benchmarking tests began, the link to the ICT major test example is no longer available, ITU confirms. Many schools chose to take this example exam in the first week, for students to practice with, but were unable to, with no prior communication that would be replaced by the final exam. Advance though some schools They tried to implement the offline solution, but there were too many errors, so they switched to the online solution.

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Regarding the evidence, many facts are recorded. a Most students will see their computer freeze during the test, and they can no longer reach the mouse/touchpad, keyboard, and access the operating system.. It was necessary to proceed with a Factory Reset by force shutting down with the power button. these processes led to many students missing their exam course, as the answers were not always recorded in the system, Force them to retake the test. The situation, in which according to the National Agency for Intellectual Property ANPRI, there were rare students who did not report these incidents.

Other recorded problems were the necessary waiting time after password authentication; students who have not been able to determine their answers for some time; Support for teachers who have not been able to access the test; Other situations that made it difficult to run the tests included updates to the Intuitivo app used in the tests, forcing computers to restart.

Teachers dismiss the problems of school networks, as part of The students were connected to the MinEdu network and others using Vodafone, MEO and NOS mobile data hotspots. That is, in what kind of network the problems were recorded.

Other issues noted included security, inclusion and equity

In the teachers’ opinion, the system also fails in terms of digital security and data protection. The exams were meant to be conducted in a controlled environment, preventing students from leaving the exam screen. In the teachers’ notes, the test did not block access to other applications on the computer. In addition to the fact that it was possible to do a simple ALT + TAB to exit the application and by pressing the Windows button it was possible to access everything.

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The association also accuses the Ministry of Education of inequality for not making the macOS version of the app available in a timely manner. Besides that there was Cases of inequality between schools due to the lack of accurate indications regarding the duration of the test. In inclusion, the interpreters for students with special educational procedures were unable to access the exams with their password.

Finally, in its report, the ANPRI says that the students took the assessment exams in a stressful environment. “Some may not have asked the questions carefully enough, especially the good students who care about doing their best.” Others ended up “thanks to their persistence and resilience”, but some who saw time running out were forced to click on the “next” options until they finished, to submit the answers they gave.

This is not and cannot be a benchmark environment or any other test. If we compare this environment with the accuracy required in national tests, there are no words to describe it,” concludes ANPRI’s opinion on assessment tests in digital support.