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From photos and wallpapers to notes and games: start the week with new free apps for Android and iOS - Apps

From photos and wallpapers to notes and games: start the week with new free apps for Android and iOS – Apps

With so many apps available on Google and Apple digital stores, it’s not always easy to decide what to try. If your smartphone “requests” news, The SAPO TEK team has collected some of the best deals that Play Store and App Store have to offer.

This week you can count on a Photo and video editor, an application where you can indicate all your ideas and suggest to those who decorate the screen of their smartphone or tablet.

And because the collection of applications of the week would not be complete without games We present to you a difficult puzzle. Highlight also The new app from Steamwhich debuted with a modern design with more features.

Also, take a look at the latest collection of Free apps for a limited timeThere are games for almost every taste, but there is also a suggestion for travel enthusiasts who need help packing their bags.

Explore the week’s suggestions in detail

Do you often use filters on photos and videos? This free app brings new possibilities

There are many photo and video editors in this world of mobile applications and experience a new possibility every now and then that does no harm to anyone. This is what we offer you with TON.

It is true that nowadays few people post photos and videos without the need for a little touch or other, and while phones offer some options, Nothing like a “from scratch” photo editor.. TON: Video filters and effects are one such possibility.

The application that is gaining popularity both among the users of Android and iOS devices, It has a wide range of featuresFrom aesthetic filters, simple photo retouching, or advanced editing.

Click on the pictures for more details

Foundation, Standard, Retro, Portrait, Fashion, Travel, Food, Urban, Night or Water Here are some types of filters that can be used. in all of them Various items can be set Like temperature, exposure, shadows or sharpness, simply and instantly.

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Make changes to filters You can save the final result of the “combinations” in the favorites folderso you can apply these same customizations later on to other photos or videos.

TON: Video filters and effects are Free with in-app purchasesavailable for download from either Play Store relaxing App Store.

For simple notes or big plans: outline all your ideas with Jotify

Jotify wants to stand out with its simple and intuitive operation, allowing you to quickly take notes on your iPhone or iPad, keep everything organized and even set reminders.

It is true that there are still those who prefer to take notes in a more “traditional” way, but if you are not one of those people who always bring a notepad and pen everywhere, there are many Applications that can help you record all the thoughts that are on your mind from your smartphone and Jotify is one of them.

The app that is meant to be a replacement for the Notes app already included in the iPhone, It promises to excel in its simple and intuitive operating modeallowing you to take notes quickly and without wasting time in menus or formatting settings.

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Notes can be generated Sorted by color according to user preference And so you can find the information you need more easily, It is possible to do a search. Thinking about who wants to use it at the same time on iPhone and iPad, The app is all about synchronizing information in real time. But that’s not all: by Jotify too Reminders associated with notes can be set.

Jotify is available for iOS and compatible with iPadOSFrom From the App Store. In addition to the free mode, the application has a paid Premium mode at a price of 1.99 euros. Do you consider yourself a curious developer? Jotify is open source You can find out more details on the project page on github.

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Valve released the new Steam app for smartphones with a modern design and more features

Steam is an indispensable gaming tool for PC, serving not only as a store, but as a game library and community center.

After years of using a weak and featureless app, Steam for smartphones primarily acted as a two-factor authentication tool to secure the account. But Valve has finally released the latest app, with a new and more modern user experience, which has been testing since August..

one of The novelty is the possibility of authentication through the use of QR codes. Once authenticated, users are exempted from entering their name and password into the app as before. It stores the two-factor authentication on the smartphone to keep the user always connected.

See photos of Steam app in gallery

Users can consult their library games list and access information, achievements and even the ability to install games on a PC remotely. Or, if you want to uninstall them.

in Other than that, the browsing experience is just like a dedicated app on the PC, allowing to access the user list and connect with friends. You can buy games from the store and other functions.

You can download the app for free to iOS And the Android.

Nothing but wallpapers: or other status that says the name of this app is not deceptive

The name of this free app really says it all: at NothingbutWallpapers you won’t find anything other than wallpapers for tablets and smartphones. And quite innovative.

If you are among those who do not need family photos (human or quadruped) and prefer to have them Something “sober” as a background image on your smartphone or tablet You should consider downloading from NothingbutWallpapers.

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As its name suggests, In this application you will not find anything other than wallpapers100% original and free, for personal use only, note its creator.

Initially, a group was launched with More than 500 background images“handcrafted” with “handpicked” colors and themes, which are frequently enhanced with new features.

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Wallpapers are currently divided into files 10 different categories: Minimal, Amoled, Pastel, Vibrant, Gradient, Pattern, Dark, Abstract and others.

When you select one of the images you have a file Option to save, apply or add to your favorite collection. You can also access Information about creating the imagethat is, with regard to the color patterns used.

NothingbutWallpapers is free and available for Android devices, from Play Store.

Connect the dots without losing the thread in a challenging puzzle

It is a casual game with multiple levels of demand increasing over time. At Dots & Co, everything has been done to make the experience enjoyable but also a way to relax.

Dots & Co app is several years old but still A good way to spend a few minutes enjoying the dots challenges, in a casual game that becomes difficult.

accompanied by music The activity adds challenges and the level of demand increases with each level. And there is not much to say about the game that is easy to understand and play.

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App from PlayDots and It can be installed for freebeing available for Android And the iOS from app stores.