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From Porto's “dream” to stardom at Sporting: “Jenny Katamu suffered”

From Porto's “dream” to stardom at Sporting: “Jenny Katamu suffered”

gEne Catamo is one of the men of the moment in Portuguese football, after last Saturday he scored twice in a 2-1 win over Benfica, putting Sporting in good stead to become champions of the country.

However, the path to stardom was not easy. The person who guarantees this is Pedro Rossino, the coach who worked with the Mozambican international during his time at Amoura, and who in an interview on Monday with Radio Reinacensa revealed some secrets.

“Gini played for the Black Bulls, a team from Mozambique, and my investor at Amora, Zunaid Seedat, was also an investor. Gini came to try out for FC Porto, but he didn’t stay. The kid, until he was caught on the flight back to Mozambique, was going to stay.” “There in Amora.”

“He stayed there at their house until he boarded his flight. At the same time, I told the investor that the kid could go there for training, he was a first-year junior. During his training period, I saw above-average qualities in him.” He continued, “I asked the investor to stay.” With the baby here.”

“You can thank me a little, it went well. The kid, in his first start, scored a goal very similar to the one he scored this week, on the edge of the penalty area, after a corner kick. From there, the journey is all his own,” he added.

Pedro Rossino remembers the young man as a “shy and reserved” person who knew how to overcome difficulties: “Yes, the kid struggled. Coming to Europe, not staying at FC Porto, was the player's dream, to arrive in Amora, and feel good.” Another difficulty, being alone at 16 or 17 years old…”

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“I think there is something more glamorous, honestly. That 1 x 1 player is disappearing, the player who is up against the opposition. We have always been, at the national level, a big factory of these types of wingers – Quaresma and Ronaldo. These are the players who arrive,” he concluded. to these levels.

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