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From Spain, neither good wind nor good qualification.  And it's not even bad - current events

From Spain, neither good wind nor good qualification. And it’s not even bad – current events

The outcome was the most terrifying, but by no means unexpected. After the fragile group stage, Portugal fell to Uruguay in the knockout stage of the 2018 World Cup; This year, the formula was the same – after a chubby but misguided victory over Hungary, followed by a heavy defeat at the hands of Germany and a tough draw with France.

The complex calculations of the group stage put the national team at hand with perhaps one of the strongest opponents at all of Euro 2020 – Belgium. Even the history of the game showed that the Belgians were less fearful than they seemed, but the Portuguese’s shortcoming was clearly demonstrated at La Cartuja in Seville.

Having conceded a goal in the first half, Portugal spent the second half chasing a loss, but Fernando Santos’ excessive speculative tactic – clearly moved in Quick interview – You get no results. He said, “In football, there is no justice or injustice. There are those who score and those who do not score,” stressing that “defeat is defeat” and that there are several players crying in the dressing room. It’s not 2016 anymore.

In this respect, not being in Seville – which, in and of itself, All other cases were discussed throughout the week – Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, surrounded by journalists in a restaurant, summed up the patriotic psyche in a few words: “We had some luck in 2016, and here we are, unlucky,” followed by “The result is ungrateful, but life is often ungrateful.”

Let’s focus on the last sentence. Early elimination of selection is ungrateful. What is more, is the state of the epidemic we are going through, especially the moment we are going through right now. If there is anything positive to glean from mathematical disappointment, it is this: Let us focus again on the big picture, on the “bigger picture,” as the Anglo-Saxons say.

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Portugal continues to see an alarming rise in COVID-19 cases – this Sunday, with 1,496 daily infections were reported, for example, is the worst since February 14, when they were 1677 cases were registered. If R