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From the "international scandal" to Barcelona's own shirt

From the “international scandal” to Barcelona’s own shirt

In another program called “The Paradoxes of Destiny” on the Porto Canal, Pinto da Costa referred to the construction of the Estádio do Dragão and the difficulties he had to see the work being built.

Dragon name for the stadium: “There were several hypotheses. Some understood Studio das Antas, others believed that it should be Porto’s stadium, there were those who argued that it should be my name, and it was absurd to put someone’s name in a stadium belonging to FC Porto. They were known by the Dragons. And my initiative was to suggest the name of the dragon. They thought it wouldn’t take, and they would keep saying they were going to Antas, but reality and time confirmed I was right. I was glad to see that name adopted because the dragon is in the city symbol on our logo. It made perfect sense. “.

Detailed plan and open war with Chamber and Rio Rio: “I don’t like to admit that there is a war with the Chamber because it is an entity that is part of the city, as is the case with FC Porto. It was a war between Rui Rio against FC Porto. In 1999, when Portugal managed to organize Euro 2004, I had some involvement At that time, one of the great workers was the engineer José Socrates, and President Madael and I got involved a little at their request. I already had in mind the construction of the stadium, but it was smaller and on land connected to Antas.And at the suggestion of Dr. Fernando Gomez, Mayor of Porto in At that time, this project was implemented. ”

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Difficulties: “It was very difficult because everything was so perfect and imaginatively bestowed by the architect Manuel Salgado, an original masterpiece that amazes everyone who comes here. An hour later, at quarrels, the mayor, Rui Rio, stopped the works because he understood that had to be of reducing the commercial part by 75 percent.This rendered the project completely unfeasible because the stadium was to be built with FC Porto money, a small stake from the state and a commercial agreement with the Amorim Group.The commercial area that is no longer of interest to the promoters.Everything stopped from 2 March to 3 April The European Championship itself was questioned because it was necessary to have a stadium with a capacity of 50,000 people to attend the opening. The president himself, Dr. Jorge Sampaio, interceded because he thought this was absurd.

progress: “For me, it was so ridiculous that we didn’t have to take anything away from the project. If Dr. Roy Rio wanted to put an end to the project, he would, but he wouldn’t do a small job when we wanted to do a big one. Commander Americo Amorim arrived according to Roy Rio Laura something [Rodrigues] belonging to the Merchants Association, on April 3 we resumed this business [aponta para uma maqueta do estádio] Great for architect Manuel Salgado shown here without an audience. I don’t know if he thinks Dr. Gracas Freitas will come and take the audience from the stadium to the wings to see the Fado singers and comedians. He was a visionary, he made a great stadium which is our pride.”

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Current relationship with Roy Rio: “I don’t know this gentleman, I have no relationship, he has never been introduced to me before. I know he is currently the leader of an opposition political party. He must be the leader of the opposition who is held in greater esteem by those in power since then. It was a democracy. He Also he doesn’t know her. He knows me, I know he’s in the party, but it’s not my responsibility because I’m not a member of any party.

Opening match in 2003 in Messi’s first game: “Interestingly, we wanted a big team, we tried Barcelona, ​​and this was the first because I understand that FC Porto and Barcelona are very much considered clubs that represent cities and are usually marginalized by the central power. I spoke with the president at the time, Laporta, Who is now president again, said it was an honor and that he would also attend the match. He gave me a Barcelona shirt written on the back. Anniversary of the inauguration. He followed our fight against Rui Rio and from the first moment he committed to coming here.”

If it wasn’t difficult, wouldn’t the day have a lot of flavor? “Maybe, no. It will always be important, but it was a very big fight, and the great personalities were on our side. Dr. Jorge Sampaio called a meeting almost to force the project to go ahead. At the inauguration, Messi played for the first time in the Barcelona first team. He was Here then, he visited our museum and always remembered his first appearance.”

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