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From the son of Bruce Lee to Vic Moreau.  Alec Baldwin's case isn't the record set's first disaster - Life

From the son of Bruce Lee to Vic Moreau. Alec Baldwin’s case isn’t the record set’s first disaster – Life

The world was in shock on Friday with the news that American actor Alec Baldwin had accidentally killed the director of photography for the movie he was shooting, when he fired a prop pistol that shouldn’t have been loaded.

The fatal victim has been identified as 42-year-old Halina Hutchins, and the shooting also injured film director Joel Sousa, 48, who was admitted to the intensive care unit at Christos St. Vincent Medical Center outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. , southwestern United States.

Victims were injured when “Alec Baldwin shot himself with a firearm used in photography” from RustAn investigation has already begun, according to a statement from the Santa Fe Mayor’s Office.

According to investigators, who traveled to the scene, it appears that the accident was caused by the use of a firearm, as a prop, that was fired during a scene in the film.

However, this is far from being the first accident in Puts One of the shots ends in the worst possible way.

Brandon Lee (1965-1993)

Actor Brandon Lee, son of the late martial arts expert Bruce Lee, died in 1993 while filming a movie near Wilmington, North Carolina.

Lee was 27 years old and was doing a scene from the movie. the crow (the crow) when he was hit by a dry powder bullet that was supposed to explode with a device attached to his stomach.

This stunt, designed to add more realism to the scene, failed and Brandon Lee sustained a severe abdominal injury.

The actor was taken to a hospital in New Hanover, North Carolina, where he died after surgery.

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It was later discovered that the actor had been hit by a real bullet that would be used in the next scene and that it was placed in the pistol which should have fired the dry powder bullet.

After starring opposite David Carradine in the 1986 film Kung Fu: The Movie He had a leading role in 1992 in the martial arts film fast fireBrandon Lee was taking his first big steps towards becoming a Hollywood star.

Ken Steadman (1969-1996)

27-year-old actor Ken Steadman, who starred in living seas NS NYPD blueThe lead role in the series Sliders was filmed on the third day of filming for the episode “Desert Storm”. [“Tempestade no Deserto”]In one of the scenes where he was driving a car Buggy In the desert of Victorville, California, the car overturned.

Young Steadman was crushed and died on the spot.

The family entered into an exchange of allegations with Universal/MCA Television, the producer and distributor, claiming that the death could have been avoided.

John Eric Hexum (1957-1984)

American actor and actress Jon-Erik Hexum, known for his roles in Travelers! NS cover up, He died in Puts Screenshots from the series cover up in 1984.

Hexum jokingly took one of the weapons used by the actors who played secret agents in the series and simulated Russian roulette. Little did the actor know, however, that he was facing a real, loaded pistol. The bullet wasn’t real, but because it was fired so close to the head, it pierced the skull and caused John Eric Hexom’s brain damage.

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He was still taken to the hospital, but ended up not resisting death six days later. He was only 26 years old.

Vic Moreau (1929-1982)

Vic Morrow, Emmy Award winning for Best Actor with the series Fight! In 1963, he had what is considered one of the most tragic deaths in cinema history.

The accident occurred during recordings The Twilight Zone: The MovieA movie by Steven Spielberg in honor of the famous series Twilight Zone. Vic was acting in a situation where, in a war scene, he rescued two children and took them to a helicopter.

Everything was recorded in a file Puts Closed, with explosions and artificial rain. One of the explosions hit the helicopter and the device got out of control as the fans cut off the head of the actor and one of the children, who was no more than seven years old. The other child was crushed.

Spielberg and director John Landis were sued.

Oliver Reed (1938-1999)

Born February 13, 1938 in Wimbledon, south London, Oliver Reed has appeared in 53 films, including women in loveAnd Tommy NS Oliver Twist.

Off the scene, he was known as a “moodiness” character, with some well-publicized “alcohol scenes” under his belt. Reed once said of himself that he is “just an actor and not a flawless priest”.

“I’m not a bastard, I’ve never hurt anyone. I’m just a flashy guy who blows up every now and then,” he added.

Reid records his role in the fighter, the film that would win five Oscars, in which he played the character of Antonio Proximo, when he suffered a setback after months of sobriety. During an afternoon break from filming, three days before his participation in the film was completed, the actor went to a bar in La Valletta, the capital of Malta. On an afternoon of drinking, accompanied by a group of sailors who recognized him, Reed died on the way to the hospital about 15 minutes after feeling ill in the tavern.

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The production spent $3 million to recreate the actor’s face and thus complete the film.