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From: - Wake up!

From: – Wake up!

Last week, 4.4 million cases of corona were recorded worldwide.

For the fourth consecutive week, the number of deaths is increasing in several countries, while the number of injuries is increasing for the seventh consecutive week in the world.

– get up!

Reopening: Assistant Health Director Espin Rostrup Nackstad says it will be a game of opportunity to do a major easing of coronavirus measures now.
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This worries the World Health Organization, which is now asking people to “wake up”.

– This is not a situation we want to be in 16 months after the outbreak of the pandemic, when we confirmed the measures of the Corona. Maria Van Kerkhove of the World Health Organization says it is time for everyone to wake up to see what we need to do.

Infection is increasing in many countries

In particular, the spread of infection is increasing in South Asia. On Monday, India overtook Brazil as the second largest number of injuries in the world, after 168,000 new infections were recorded in one day.

However, India has a much larger population than Brazil – per million inhabitants, the contagion is still more bleak in Brazil.

Exceptional: Immunologist Anthony Fauci reviewed the data on the Corona virus vaccination, and commented on what he described as “unusual” results. Video: AP / NTB
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The country recorded more than 63,000 people infected with corona per million people, compared to 9,755 cases per million in India.

The Czech Republic, which has a population of just under 11 million, has recorded 147,000 infected people per million, and the United States, with a population of 332 million, has recorded 96,000, according to a Worldmeter survey.