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From wealth (the value of which few know) to the investment portfolio

From wealth (the value of which few know) to the investment portfolio

There are several estimates about the true value of the assets of the North American businesswoman who fell in love with Portugal in the 1970s and found herself embroiled in controversy surrounding her personal life. Discover the career of the woman who inherited her title from her first husband, a diamond negotiator.

American Betty Grafstein, the businesswoman and socialite who has been at the center of controversy surrounding accusations of domestic violence, has a fortune whose value varies greatly depending on which source is consulted. Some websites specialized in calculating wealth place it between 23.2 million and 92.72 million euros, and there are those who fall outside the scale and estimate their net worth at 463.6 million euros.

The jewelry businesswoman, who chose Portugal to live most of her time in the 1970s, when she and her then-husband, Albert Grafstein, came to Portugal for the first time. The country's influence on the couple was such that they ended up buying a mansion in São Pedro de Sintra in 1972.

Betty inherited her husband's name as well as his passion for diamonds. Albert, an American Jew, was a famous diamond merchant who ran the Grafstein Diamond Corporation with his brother.

After her husband's death in 1991, Betty Grafstein was keen to maintain her relationship with Portugal, dividing the year between Sintra and New York. The socialite has been a prominent figure in the business world for several decades, known above all for her extravagant lifestyle. Over the years, the businesswoman has accumulated a significant fortune, through investments in various sectors: from real estate to fashion to cosmetics.

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This businesswoman started out in the jewelry business and owns several jewelry stores in Manhattan. Over the years, Betty Grafstein has diversified her investment portfolio. Some wealth calculation portals indicate that the businesswoman has made several real estate investments in Portugal and the USA, which had a “significant impact on her current assets.”

As mentioned earlier, the businesswoman who started in the jewelry business ended up investing in other areas to boost her financial health. In addition to fashion and cosmetics, there are those who point to media presence, specifically in “reality shows,” as a source of financial comfort. In managing this wealth, some experts point out that Betty Grafstein developed smart investments and managed her wealth effectively.

Some analysts highlight that despite her “extravagant” lifestyle, Betty has made efforts to donate part of her fortune to humanitarian causes, something that has happened over the years, and has had an impact in the USA but also in Portugal.