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Front Mission 2: Remake (Switch): The first Player’s Handbook video introduces the basic rules for combat

Front Mission 2: Remake (Switch): The first Player’s Handbook video introduces the basic rules for combat

Forever Entertainment has released the first player’s guide video for the game Front Mission 2: Remake. Through it you can learn the basic rules of combat in the new version of the classic tactical RPG, already available on Switch since October 5th.

Front Mission is a series of games from Square Enix set in a futuristic world in which giant robots are used as war machines. Forever Entertainment has acquired the rights to remake and re-release games from the series on modern systems, with Switch as the launch priority.

Front Mission 2: Remake brings back a classic PS1 game that follows the perspective of a major conflict in the region of Alordesh, which has been captured by a revolutionary army. Switching between Ash and Lisa’s perspectives, the player has the opportunity to see the conflict up close.

The video provides the following recipe:

Front Mission 2: Remake is a turn-based tactical RPG with expansive and engaging gameplay. The core of the gameplay revolves around the strategic positioning and dynamic battles of the Wanzers.

In battle, you have three types of attacks at your disposal.

  • Close range attacks with rifles, pistols and flamethrowers.
  • Melee attacks using gauntlets, fists, maces, and other close-range weapons.
  • Long-range strikes with rocket launchers.

The Action Points (AP) system is a feature that opens up new possibilities for action in combat. At the start of the game, each character starts with 7 AP per turn and each action has its own AP cost. Your accuracy and evasion during attacks are affected by the amount of AP you have at that moment, with higher AP increasing stats slightly, and AP closer to zero decreasing them. Pay attention to your hit point to determine how many actions you can take in a given turn.

Each Wanzer consists of four unique components: body, legs, left arm and right arm. Sometimes it may be better to disable a specific portion of an enemy’s Wanzer unit, effectively incapacitating them rather than destroying the entire unit.

When a weapon is destroyed, the weapons mounted on that arm become inoperable. If the legs are destroyed, the Wanzer’s mobility is greatly reduced to only moving one square per turn. Finally, eliminating the body component will take the wanzer out of the battle entirely.

During battle, Wanzers can be affected by various status effects that significantly reduce their combat potential. These drawbacks can greatly affect your performance on the battlefield, so be sure to activate them on enemies whenever possible.

Seize every opportunity and use your favorite tactics to ensure victory in battle.

If you want to know more about the game, check out our website analysis.

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