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Frontier wants to become America’s Ryanair and ban planes from ‘sleeping outside’

Frontier wants to become America’s Ryanair and ban planes from ‘sleeping outside’

A change may soon be coming at an ultra-low-cost airline in the United States that is trying to imitate one in Europe. In this case, it would be with Frontier Airlines, which is known for its planes with animal-print tails, practically non-reclining seats, and charging for everything, including check-in.

These practices are very common at Ryanair, the largest low-cost carrier in Europe and one of the most famous companies in the world. Frontier wants to be like the Irish company, not only in customer service but also on the front lines.

Today, the company operates in a similar way to traditional airlines, including Brazilian Airlines, with planes making several flights a day and spending the night at different airports each night.

The company’s idea is to increase the utilization of aircraft, focusing on round-trip flights, with the aircraft remaining stationary at the airport throughout the night, where it will actually be based.

“If you know Ryanair or Wizzair well, they are building bases with a small number of aircraft. This is not completely working with our backlogged fleet in the US, but we are at a point where we can do it.Barry Biffle said during the company’s fourth-quarter results presentations, according to The Airline Observer.

The plan is for at least 90% of the fleet to be in this round-trip model, with several small bases set up across the USA, with maintenance focused at night, with the aircraft remaining on the ground for a few consecutive hours of the day. .

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