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Fruit that should not be lost at home if you want to lose weight

Fruit that should not be lost at home if you want to lose weight

YuA well-balanced diet is halfway to achieving your weight loss goals. Fruits and vegetables should be on your shopping list, but there’s one food in particular that shouldn’t be missing and is crucial to the weight loss process: berries.

According to nutritionist Novella Lowe who explained to “EatingWell”, this fruit has been shown to have several benefits that will aid in weight loss. Start by saying that they are an important source of fiber.

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“In addition to promoting weight loss, fiber helps keep you regular and prevents sudden spikes in blood sugar,” he explains. It is also loaded with anti-inflammatory properties.

“They play an important role in protecting the body’s cells and neutralizing harmful free radicals to reduce inflammation.” It is a naturally sweet fruit. By adding it to milk or yogurt, for example, you will not have to add another type of sugar, which turns out to be harmful.

Still rich in water. “It adds more volume to your meals, which means you can eat the same amount of food while consuming fewer calories.”

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