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fuel.  After weeks of rising, diesel price drops from Monday

fuel. After weeks of rising, diesel price drops from Monday

Fuel prices will remain high this week but prices will be slightly lower compared to the previous week, which is a small relief for the Portuguese governor.

According to the government, the total reduction in the tax on petroleum products (ISP) on diesel will be 22.2 cents per liter for diesel and 25.9 cents per liter for gasoline. With this reduction in ISP, the Ministry of Finance expects, gasoline could fall by 2.5 cents, while the price of diesel could drop by three cents a liter. In the case of diesels, this is the first drop in price after five weeks of consecutive increases.

“In this way, the global easing of the fuel tax burden is maintained through the two measures in place — the ISP’s weekly review mechanism and the reduction of unit rates on this tax to the equivalent of a 13% value-added tax rate — totaling 22.2 cents per liter for diesel and 25.9 cents per liter. per liter of gasoline. In addition to these values, there is also a failure to update the carbon rate by about 6 cents per liter,” reads the statement of the ministry supervised by Fernando Medina.

However, it must be remembered that the evolution of costs depends, however, on each filling station, the brand and the region in which it is located.

Fuel only goes down ‘when the war stops’ The truth is that fuel prices have reached unaffordable prices for many drivers, and even with government assistance, the drops in a few weeks are not very significant. The prime minister had already warned earlier this month that prices would only fall “when the war stops”. It should be clear to all that prices will fall only when the war stops and when the normal fuel supply returns. As long as the war continues, as long as this price continues to rise in the international market, it is clear that [o preço] It’s also rising in Portugal,” said Antonio Costa.

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It should also be noted that the Portuguese Association of Oil Companies (Apetro) has already stated that the price of crude oil in Portugal is only 52% of the final price of diesel and 45% of the final price of gasoline. The rest of the price composition includes the incorporation of biofuels, ADC and there is a “significant share” of taxes (ISP and VAT).

In April alone, the Portuguese state collected about €51.6 million per day in VAT and ISP. These are the values ​​given in the last summary of the implementation of the budget, where it is detailed that the government, in VAT, during the whole month of April, collected €1,329 million, a value significantly higher than that of the ISP’s €217 million.

In the previous month, the government collected from these two taxes just over 37.4 million euros per day, which means that the state increased these profits from month to month by 14.2 million euros.