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ISP cuts 22.2 cents on diesel and 26.3 cents on petrol - Energia

Fuel is down next week. Diesel expected to outpace gasoline by 10 cents – Energy

Gasoline and diesel prices will record the largest drop in three weeks, starting next Monday, the fifth of September, with the price of diesel higher than gasoline by about 10 cents, the highest difference, at least since May 2015.

According to Negócios’ calculations, the price of simple petrol 95 is expected to fall by about 6.3 cents to 1.718 euros per liter. This year alone, the price of this fuel has already increased by 31.6 cents, or 21%, compared to December of last year.

In the case of diesel, the trend is the same and the weekly decline for simple diesel will range from 4.8 cents to 1.817 euros per liter. This year, the price of diesel has increased by about 5 cents, an increase of about 3% compared to values ​​at the end of 2021.

The fuel price update comes as Brent crude, traded in London and references to European and Portuguese imports, is close to ending the first week of the month down more than 6%.

The calculations are based on the evolution of these two oil derivatives (diesel and gasoline) and the euro. But the cost of fuel at the pump will always depend on each filling station, the brand and the region in which it is located.The new prices take into account the differences calculated by Negócios in relation to the average price that Portugal has practiced this week and announced by the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG).Negócios’ calculations are based on contracts different from those of the oil companies (although the development is usually similar), and the data on Negócios is only available until Thursday (one day of negotiations is missing).

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