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Fuel is up again on Monday (big!)

Fuel is up again on Monday (big!)

Fuel is rising again! – Last Monday, we welcomed a drop in fuel prices, a little less than expected, about 10 cents a liter. A disappointing drop when it should have been around 15-16 cents. As you know, after all the controversy, unfortunately, at that time, due to an increase on the part of gas stations and other gas stations, the decrease caused by cutting off the ISP seemed much smaller than desired.

Well, it’s very likely that last Monday’s price drop will be canceled outright, or very close to it, next week. After all, we have another big boost on the way.

Fuel is up again on Monday (big!)


So, we have more bad news for Portuguese drivers, in fact, for all Portuguese, since the price of fuel not only affects those on the roads, but ends up having a strong impact on all the essentials of our daily lives. day.

Unfortunately, fuel prices are going to go up pretty drastically next week. Probably 5~7 cents on a liter of gasoline and 2~3 cents on a liter of diesel.

Therefore, since the beginning of 2022, fuel prices have already increased about 15 times! And apparently, we still have more climbs on the horizon! This was the devaluation of the euro against the dollar, and the complete instability of the value of oil on international markets.

In short, on average, at Portuguese gas stations, diesel will cost approximately 1.87 euros per liter, and gasoline is 1.93 euros. However, the government has already announced that it will pay attention to the margins of gas stations…but one thing is for sure, we still have a lot to suffer from in 2022, in the area of ​​prices.

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