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Combustíveis sobem a partir de segunda-feira e batem recordes

Fuel is up from Monday! What are the new values?

Fuel prices in Portugal will rise again. According to the data, this will be the fifth consecutive week of bullishness.

The price of gasoline 95 is expected to rise slightly. The biggest rise will be diesel fuel, which will reach its highest levels in 2013. But Google Maps can help you find the best price.

Fuel: Gasoline is rising a little... Diesel breaks records

According to Negócios' calculations, the price of simple 95 petrol should increase by 2 cents per liter in Portugal, while continuing to renew the caps since 2013. If this increase is confirmed, each liter of this is confirmed out of next week will cost 1,651 euros .

In the case of a simple diesel, the increase next week should be 1 cent per liter to 1,440 euros, the maximum since February 2013, exceeding the values ​​practiced in January of this year. The price of each liter of this fuel increased 14%.

Fuel calculations are based on the evolution of these two oil derivatives (diesel and gasoline) and the euro. But the cost of fuel at the pump will always depend on each filling station, the brand and the region you are in.

Fuel rises from Monday and sets records

View fuel prices on Google Maps

In the Google Maps app, we can easily find out the price of fuel at each filling station and thus decide where we want to stop.

To access this information, which has not yet been circulated, they must first search by gas station. The Google Maps closest to the displayed map area will appear. Here, you can find the fuel price instantly - see more Here.

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