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Imagem da NASA do SLS e cápsula Orion que voará até à Lua na missão Artemis I

Fuel leak forces NASA to stop countdown

Everything was ready for the beginning of humanity’s return to the moon. However, in the final preparations for the launch of the SLS rocket, NASA paused the countdown due to a fuel leak.

The flight may no longer be possible, but the space agency is analyzing what happened.

secondly Information At NASA, the leak occurred at the same place where the leaks appeared during the spring countdown test.

Upon detection of the leak, the launch control units interrupted the supply process, which was already delayed by an hour due to thunderstorms at sea.

The process was slowly resumed to see if the hydrogen leak could get worse, and if it did, it should put an end to the countdown.

Artemis I: There may still be a version

The unmanned missile launch is scheduled for today, during a two-hour "window of opportunity" that opens at 1:33 p.m. Lisbon time.

NASA has indicated that if a flight is not possible today, there will be two more possible dates, September 2 and 5.

Image of NASA's Artemis I mission heading to the moon

This test flight, from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, aims to put a crew capsule into lunar orbit for the first time in 50 years.

The 98-meter rocket is the most powerful rocket NASA has ever built, surpassing the Saturn 5 rocket that took astronauts to the moon half a century ago.

The launch is intended to put the Orion capsule into orbit around the Moon, which instead of the astronauts carries three test dummies. The lunar orbit mission is expected to last six weeks.

All this on a mission that has cost more than $93 billion. But... will we still see the Orion spacecraft and the SLS rocket blasting toward the moon today?

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