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ASAE pede para consumidores denunciarem irregularidades no preço dos combustíveis

Fuel prices do not go down next week! I know why …

Every week the Portuguese live in anticipation of whether fuel prices are on a downward or upward trend.

Last Friday, the first information appeared that the value of fuel will continue to decline..and they will! However, there is a variable that will rise and possibly cancel the declines in petrol and diesel prices, find out what has changed in the meantime.

Fuel: Internet service provider discount will be reduced ...

The price of fuel will not fall at the beginning of the week, because the government has decided to lower the rebate that is applied to the tax on petroleum products (ISP) that reveals the Porto Canal.

Tax on petroleum products (ISP) is one of the production taxes provided by law. It is applied to gasoline and diesel, but also to other products, oil and energy, hydrocarbons and electricity.

The tax will be reduced by 3.9 cents per liter for diesel and 2.4 cents per liter for petrol. This decision should cancel out the expected drop in fuel prices for the next week, which indicated minus 3 cents for diesel and 1 cent for gasoline.

The price of diesel may remain unchanged, but the price of petrol will be a cent and a half higher than on Monday. Diesel has been down for seven straight weeks and petrol for a month.

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