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Preços da gasolina e gasóleo baixam na próxima semana! Saiba quanto...

Fuel prices go up tomorrow! Find out how much…

Fuel prices will rise again starting tomorrow. As I see it as normal, the value, although there are general highs (or lows), depends on each gas station, the brand and even the region in which it is located.

Find out how much diesel and petrol will increase, starting tomorrow.

Fuel: diesel prices are the highest

Fuel prices will increase from Monday. This time, the most significant rise will be in the case of diesels. According to the information, gasoline and diesel will rise by about 1.5 cents and three cents per liter, respectively.

This price increase comes on the heels of the increase in the value of oil on international markets, which has already exceeded $80 a barrel.

get ready!  Fuel prices go up tomorrow!  Find out how much...

Remember that the cost of fuel at the pump will always depend on each filling station, the brand and the region in which it is located.

According to the latest Brussels report, it was revealed that the average price of 95 petrol in Portugal, after taxes, is the fifth highest in the entire European Union. As for diesel, it ranks tenth among the grouping countries. The same data shows that taxes are the biggest factor in fuel prices in Portugal.

Through the online fuel price portal, it is possible to find out the current price at various gas stations. User can filter by fuel, brand, station type, region and municipality.

By clicking on the desired gas station, it is also possible to find out the date / time of the last price update. You can learn more here.

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