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Fuel prices next week from October 2 to 8

Fuel prices next week from October 2 to 8

Fuel prices are expected to decline slightly next Monday

If you need to fill up your car, you should read this article. A slight decrease in gasoline and diesel prices next week. Hey Fuel prices next Monday show a trend for the price of diesel to decrease by 2 cents and for gasoline to decrease by 1 cent.

Therefore, AWAY forecast for the development Fuel prices starting next week from October 2 to 8and indicates the selling price to the public of The price of simple diesel falls between 1 and 2 cents per litre (up to 0.02 EUR/L) and the retail price of Simple gasoline 95 drops 1 cent per litre (up to 0.01 €/L).

In daily consultation with official statements from Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG) We can check that There was an opposite trend in prices throughout the weekYesterday, September 28th The average price of simple 95 gasoline is 1856 euros/litre And the The average price of simple diesel reaches 1,782 euros/litre. This corresponds to an average weekly increase of 0.3 cents per liter for gasoline and a decrease of 3.3 cents per liter for diesel.

These prices refer to data provided to DGEG from approximately 2,350 gas stations It is an average that includes prices charged with local discounts, customer cards and various promotions.

Fuel prices: how to make our predictions

The AWAY forecast is set for August 29, 2023 Based on daily market monitoringthe Brent price development (Positive monthly variation of more than 4.5%, as the daily price at the opening of the session reached $93.07/barrel) Oil source), analysis of trends and special consultation with sources in the fuel resale sector.

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We remind you that operators and gas stations are free to set the price they wishYou just have to comply with your tax obligations.

like him, You should always check the best prices in your area and do not forget that there are many gas stations with “low cost” prices. Others have agreements through coupons, cards and other associated discounts that reduce the final price of fuel.

Note: By mistake, when editing this article, values ​​were published in the week’s forecasts that correspond to the August calculations. The news at 3pm was corrected with the correct (predictive) values. Our apologies.