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Fuel renewal for a maximum of nine years.  Diesel on the way to 1.5 euros per liter

Fuel renewal for a maximum of nine years. Diesel on the way to 1.5 euros per liter

Prepare to pay a few extra euros to fill up your car deposit. Fuel prices will rise next week, and will become more expensive as of Monday.

According to an industry source contacted by MultiNews at the major national oil companies, “the evolution of prices in euros indicates an increase of up to 1.5 cents per liter in both the price of diesel and gasoline.”

Hypermarket gas station prices that have gained a lot of followers with the rise of fuel follow market trends and here “the increases are about 0.0114 euros per liter for diesel and 0.0107 euros per liter for gasoline. Another source said.

Fuel prices in Portugal have been on an upward trajectory, and every now and then, filling a car becomes more expensive for consumers. The fact is that in the first six months of the year the deposit was more expensive by up to 12 euros. Filling the gas tank already costs more than 100 euros.

Since the beginning of the year, the price of 95 gasoline has increased by 20 cents a liter, and diesel with additives has increased by about 17 cents. This means that filling the 60-liter petrol tank now costs more than 12 euros compared to January. To fill the diesel tank, more than ten euros are needed five months ago.

Data from the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG) show that the average price of a liter of gasoline in Portugal is currently €1.671, while that of diesel is €1.490. The two fuels now cost the same as October 2012.

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However, quotations at service stations may differ, since the price set on the network also takes into account the level of competition, supply and demand in each market and the level of fixed costs at each station.

According to the latest report from Brussels, after taxes, the average price of 95-octane gasoline in Portugal is the fourth most expensive in the entire European Union. Diesel occupies the fifth place among the countries in the area of ​​society. The European Commission report also shows that a large share of the price charged for each liter of fuel goes to state coffers.

most economical
– Gepoil – Prio de Candedo – 1421 euros

– Petrovouguinha Combustiveis e Derivatives Ltd – 1,440 €

– Agostinho & Agostinho Lda fuel, in Fráguas – 1,445 euros

– JVDias Lda, in Constance – 1,449 euros

– Intermarché de Vilar Formoso – 1,449 euros

– Intermarché de Vilar Formoso – 1,239 euros

– Gibuel – Rio de Candido – 1266 euros

– JVDias Lda, in Constance – 1,268 euros

– Acácio Marques Gomes in Varzia do Bispo – 1268 euros

– Intermarché from Tomar: 1,269 euros