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Matchday 26 of the Portuguese League Pitklic in Amoreira blossomed on Friday, with a match of great importance for the bottom of the table. After five consecutive matches without a win, Estoril Praia overcame Portimonense and pushed it into the red zone thanks to a narrow margin of victory.

Paulo Sergio's team went through moments of clear clarity and almost reached a draw, but Cassiano's goal during the second half deepened the crisis. Vingra. There are now four matches without a goal scored.

Fog of thoughts

Bottom of the table games can sometimes be some of the most exciting, especially as the season draws to a close. Of course, it could also be exactly what many fans expect – weak and uninteresting. In this specific case, it went through both scenarios.

In addition to being a duel in which both teams showed weaknesses that explain the situation AfflictedThis was also characterized, especially in the first half, by constant stops. However, in the fog of Amoreira that prevailed in the early stages of the match, there were some standout individual moments…

Seven games without a win, four without scoring @Rogrio Ferreira / Kapta+

To the surprise of few, Carlinius was a member of Portimonense who insisted on providing entertainment. He opened the match with a stunning volley in the first minute, then tested Marcelo Carne's reflexes again with another shot from outside the penalty area. In between, he was booked for a foul on Matthews Fernandes.

On the other side of Estoril Praia, the individual achievement was less surprising. Rodrigo Gomez, the winger on loan from Braga, created two seemingly harmless shots, thanks to his quick movement down the left lane. Then, in the 40th minute, he had his biggest chance of the game so far, when he was cut off by a beautiful pass from Zanusello. He shot into the despair of the masses.

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Cassiano took advantage, Portimonense did not

The visiting team was able to finish the first half on a high note, achieving one of the best chances it had in the match. It was the unpredictable Hélio Varela who arrived in the penalty area and tried to finish, but was stopped by Estoril Praia defender. It was vital, literally.

In the same goal, after the start of the second half, the home team was able to score a goal that had a significant impact on their standing. It was Casiano who led the wild celebrations, having capitalized on an incomplete cut-back from Wagner Pena's shot to make it 1-0!

An important win for the home team @Liga Portugal

alarm for plants, Who tried to respond from the bench. Paulo Sergio unleashed the pace of Gonzalo Costa and Jasper as he tried to avoid another defeat, but the attacking production was leaving something to be desired. There was only one chance, but Carlinhos, who opted to play long distances several times, couldn't even score.

Until the end, Portimonense showed that they realize the seriousness of defeat in this match. He stepped up, took risks and aimed for the Canaries' goal on several occasions to no avail. The greatest occasion was also the last. On the last play of the match, Pedao was isolated and shot the ball wide! Here's the thrill of duels in depth