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'Full Show Man': The Minister of Culture regrets the death of actor Carlos Miguel Chupez

‘Full Show Man’: The Minister of Culture regrets the death of actor Carlos Miguel Chupez

In a note of regret sent to Lusa Agency, Graça Fonseca recalled the actor’s career, which began in the late 1950s, which featured “especially in Parque Mayer and in the theater magazine”, and sent her “condolences” to the actor’s family and friends.

The Minister highlights “a man of complete showmanship, with a tireless dedication to the art of acting, Carlos Miguel is one of the most memorable names in Portuguese comedy, not only for his theatrical career, but also for his work in television”.

Comedian Carlos Miguel who was Fininho in the competition has passed away

“Portuguese culture is losing a talented artist,” Graça Fonseca continues, adding that Carlos Miguel “was seen as creative and generous by many of those who worked with him and who did so much for the humor in Portugal, both on stage and on screen.”

Actor Carlos Miguel, the name of the comedy and theater magazine, better known as O Fininho, of the old RTP contest “1, 2, 3”, died Saturday, in Santarem, at the age of 77, according to the Lusa news agency. a favour.

Carlos Miguel was taken to Santarem Hospital and died of a long-term illness.

Actor, visual artist, and writer Carlos Miguel has built a career spanning nearly 40 years, mostly on comedy and magazine theaters, especially at Parque Mayer, in Lisbon.

In an interview with RTP, in 2010, bringing it back to theaters in Portugal, which was then uninhabited, Carlos Miguel recalled “Lisboa, Tejo e Tudo”, written by Cesar de Oliveira, Raul Solnado and Vialho Gouvia, who starred in two years, Like your favorite production.

His vocal cord cancer, in 1998, put him away from his profession and from Lisbon, where he was born, to settle in a village in Rebatejo.

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