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Fully electric car with 450 km of autonomy

Fully electric car with 450 km of autonomy

Toyota already has an all-electric car. The Toyota bZ4X is the first model of the new sub-brand Toyota bZ – “Beyond Zero”.

The world premiere of the Toyota bZ4X will take place in Europe on December 2, followed by the launch of online pre-booking. Get to know this car better.

Toyota recently introduced the new bZ4X, the first model in the new bZ series - Post-Zero, (Post-Zero) - Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV - Battery Electric Vehicles). This is the first model built on the custom BEV platform and based on the e-TNGA philosophy, jointly developed by Subaru and Toyota.

Toyota bZ4X integrates the battery as an integral part of the chassis, under the vehicle's floor, which provides the essential benefits of a low center of gravity, excellent front-rear mass balance, and high body rigidity for excellent safety, driving and performance.

Toyota has accumulated 25 years of experience in electrical and battery technology to ensure the world-class quality, durability and reliability of the range of lithium-ion battery modules that power the bZ4X.

With the battery fully charged, the expected range is over 450 km. The bZ4X also has a solar panel roof that helps charge the battery while driving or when parking, and a third-generation Toyota Safety Sense active safety system with more advanced driving support systems.

The bZ4X is front wheel drive and is powered by a highly efficient 150 kW electric motor. It produces 204 hp and 265 Nm of torque, enabling acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 8.4 seconds and a top speed of 160 km/h.

The all-wheel drive model will not be available at launch in Portugal and has 217.5 hp with 336 Nm of torque; The maximum speed is maintained, but the acceleration up to 100 km / h is reduced to 7.7 seconds. These are indicative statements, as they still need final approval.

The bZ4X offers a "single pedal drive" option allowing for increased power regeneration.

Toyota bZ4X: drive-by-wire system

The bZ4X will be Toyota's first production model to offer a "by-wire" drive system - the "One Motion Grip" - to be introduced in Europe at a later date. The electronic system allows for a more direct link between the drive process and the thrust.

The vehicle can steer with less steering wheel turn, and provides more legroom, improving driving position freedom and ease of entry and exit. The traditional steering wheel is replaced with the One Motion Grip, which makes the operation more smooth and easy, without the need for a swivel steering wheel. A full turn of the steering wheel is possible only at a turn of 150 degrees.

The bZ4X takes advantage of the third generation Toyota Safety Sense with new functions and improvements that allow even greater accident risk situations to be mitigated

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