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HomescienceFun Science: Spark kids' environmental curiosity with fun science experiments

Fun Science: Spark kids' environmental curiosity with fun science experiments

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a The relationship between parents and children Important for learning, especially when it comes to topics such as Sustainability and science. And strengthen Family ties via Educational activities is that possible funny. With that in mind, the Electronic course portalin partnership with Tudinho®It offers a selection of Simple experiments Who know Scientific concepts And help promote Environmental awareness Since early. This is a simple way to contribute A more sustainable future that it Strengthening family ties. paying off:

Homemade cabbage pH meter

picture Natalie Rennerstrom In the Unsplash

Hey pH It is a measure that indicates whether a The solution is acidic, neutral or alkaline. Varies from 0 to 14being 7 neutral, under this acid that it Ultra alkaline. we Ecosystemsor pH neglected vegetarian life that it the animals.

if The pH is unbalancedThis may negatively affect life. For example, if A lake Become Very acidic because pollution, Fish And others Aquatic organisms They could die. On the other hand, if water It becomes very Alkalinecan cause Death of algae and invertebrates.

pH measurement can help with Identify these problems early. If tests show that water that it Very acidicNecessary measures can be taken Neutralize acidity-How to add Alkaline substances. This helps Restore balance And the Protecting ecosystems.

Teaching children to make a Homemade pH meter It is an educational activity that goes beyond simple understanding of scientific concepts. With understanding How to measure pH Of the materials that are used Simple and affordable materialschildren develop a Deeper appreciation Given the importance Environmental balance.

To make Homemade pH meterseparate some Leaves cabbage purple (30 grams), cut into very small slices, Set to cook With 150 ml of water. Leave it to boil for 15 minutes that it Wait until it cools down. now, Use a sieve and try to extract all the water Which is still in a clean container. To increase the shelf life, Add some alcohol and keep it in the refrigerator. Which Network content It will be yours pH scale. You can put Cabbage leaves in a compost bin, Add them to soup Or just throw it away Shared garbage.

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To use the pH scale In some subjects it is fair Add a few drops of red cabbage extract to about 5 ml of the solution you want to measure. from The color provided by the mixtureYou will know if this is the solution Basic or Acidic. To better visualize the colors, place them in front of a white sheet of paper or a wall. Check what The resulting color and its pH:

Color changes

color pH
red two
Violet red 4
Violet 6
Blue-violet 7
blue 7.5
Blue green 9
Bluish green 10
green 12

Since it is a natural material, it does not last long. Therefore, use a homemade pH meter for a maximum of one week.

Homemade recycled paper

Children's education Making recycled paper at home can help with Promoting environmental awareness Since early. By learning how to convert used paper into recycled paper, children develop intelligence Understand the life cycle of materials And the The importance of preservation Follower Natural Resources. Moreover, by understanding the idea of ​​reuse, they can embrace it More sustainable behaviours in their daily lives, which contributes to Reduce paper consumption Hence for Forest conservationfrom Biodiversity And from Air quality. This way, by educating children about homemade paper recycling, we are enabling future generations to be too Effective factors in building a more sustainable world And environmentally balanced.

Materials for paper recycling

  • Mixer or mixer
  • 500ml container;
  • 500 ml of water
  • Used and shredded bond paper (enough to fill a 500ml container)
  • Nylon canvas with wood edge for printing production;
  • Soup spoon
  • can.

Step by Step

  • 1. Insert the shredded paper into the container so that it almost completely covers the contents. Then pour water, until all the pieces of paper are wet;
  • 2. Mix the contents in a blender or blender.
  • 3. Then, pour the mixture onto the screen and place a bowl below to absorb excess moisture.
  • 4. Spread with a spoon.
  • 5. Leave the fabric to dry in the sun for a day or two;
  • 6. Then dismantle the mold and…
  • 7. …your paper is ready!
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3. Growing environmental awareness

picture Delaney Wickramanayake In the Unsplash

Teaching children how easy and fun it is Plant seeds and grow a vegetable garden Homemade and enhanced -Raising awareness of the importance of plants For the environment. Use Recycled materialssuch as utensils or packaging Chocolate milk® is emptyChildren will be able to create their own seed pots. During the cultivation process, they will learn about… The importance of water, sunlight and fertile soil For plant growth.

For this experiment, you can use Wet cotton that it Bean seedsor humus, corn seeds, linseed, chia, among others.

Child education Plant grains It could be one An educational and fun experience. Here is a simple step-by-step guide you can follow:

Necessary materials

  • Bean seeds (can be regular supermarket beans)
  • box of Tudinho®
  • Wet cotton
  • water
  • Sun light

Step by Step

Before starting, Explain to the child What are beans?How it grows and why it is important to us. These seeds are native to Central and South America, and were first cultivated thousands of years ago. Hey beans It is an excellent source of proteins, B vitamins, carbohydrates, fiber and essential nutrients such as iron and calcium. When mixed with rice, it provides all the essential amino acids (proteins) that the body needs.

After explaining the importance of beans using simple, easy language, wash his or her lunch box with the child. Tudinho® with Soap and water that it Reduce height From him to allow Sunlight input. Cut it horizontally, reducing its height by 2/3.

Hey The rest of the boxignore with Recyclable wasteBecause of A small box of Tudinho® that it 100% recyclable. So, put a A layer of damp cotton In the box until about 2/3 of the height of the container. Absorbs Seeds in the containerSo that it is surrounded by cotton. Repeat the process with another seed.

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Explain to the child The importance of water for plant growth. Ask her for water Gently work around the seeds until they are moist but not saturated. You can do this using a spray bottle or small cup.

Place the box in A Sunny placeSuch as a window, where the plant can receive direct sunlight for several hours a day.

Encourage the child to observe Vase daily to see if there are any changes. Explain that The seeds will germinate And it grows over time. I remind her of that Water the planting Regularly, when the cotton is dry to the touch. It is also important Rotate the container From time to time even The plant receives sunlight Evenly on all sides.

As the plant grows, you can teach it about Different stages of plant development, such as buds, leaves, and flowers. When the grains are mature and ready to harvest (usually after a few weeks), Show the child

together with Tudinho®eCycle portal believes that this Simple and educational experiments It can serve as Moments of connection With the little ones, in addition to promotion Interest in science And by environment Responsibly and consciously. By involving children in these activities, we plant the seeds for The future generation of green leadersable to Think critically And he meets Innovative solutions to the environmental challenges we face. Join us on this journey from Environmental discoveries that it Make a difference for our planet!

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