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Fundhas students are fascinated by the interactive science museum

Claudio Souza

Doors open and a world of endless discovery, learning, sensations and emotions unfolds.

Wide eyes, smiles, amazement and a lot of joy. All this was enjoyed on Friday (17) by a group of 35 children and adolescents from the Eugênio de Melo da Fundhas Unit (Hélio Augusto de Souza Foundation) during a visit to the MIC (Museum of Interactive Sciences), located in Vila Industrial, in the eastern district of São José Dos Campos.

The activity yielded good stories and plenty of knowledge and curiosity to share with friends, family and neighbours. After all, attractions abound in the place.

Anna Julia on her second visit to the MIC: fun guaranteed. filming: Adenir Brito/PMSJC

Learn by playing

After joining Fundhas at the beginning of this month, 9-year-old Vitor Hugo da Silva has made his first tour of the foundation.

“I loved everything I saw. I learned a lot. I hope we will have other rides like this one, with so much fun and learning.”

On her second visit to the MIC, 9-year-old Ana Julia Soares Santos didn’t stop for a minute. Like his colleagues, he wanted to enjoy everything.

“I am really happy. I like MIC so much. I was here once, but I never get tired of it. It’s so cool.”

On March 29, it will be the turn of children and adolescents from the Parque Industrial da Fundhas unit to visit the MIC.

In his prime, Vitor was happy with volleyballs. filming: Adenir Brito/PMSJC

Come to the MIC

MIC is a space for the dissemination of scientific knowledge, through partnerships, actions and projects that seek to awaken interest in the study of science and to promote a better understanding of the nature and use of science and technology for the benefit of humanity in its visitors.

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The Interactive Science Museum follows the format of the Catavento Project, in São Paulo, and has modern facilities.

On site there are activities and exhibits on science and culture, the centripetal orbit, the relative size of the planets, the sun, the smoke cannon, the cylindrical bubble, sculptural bubbles, the inertial train, super loops, centrifugal force, a spinning basketball, a pipe harp and the Wimshurst machine electricity. In all, there are more than 50 attractions available to visitors.

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