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Furia, the Portuguese super sports car will be priced at 1.6 million euros

Furia, the Portuguese super sports car will be priced at 1.6 million euros

There is the Furia, the first Portuguese super sports car, a project of Ricardo Quintas and Nuno Faria, partners and founders of Adamastor, which was officially presented on Tuesday. The company says it is an “exclusive high-performance sports car, made up of specific, high-quality components, providing more power and cutting-edge technology to enthusiasts and collectors around the world.” The first units are expected to hit the market next year, and will have a retail price of €1.6 million, plus taxes.

“The Furia chassis No. 1 now on display represents the beginning of a new era for Adamastor, the starting point from which it will realize its vision and strategy, which is to become one of the major players in the exclusive supercar segment, a low-volume manufacturer car with undeniable emotional appeal and very high performance.” , on the road, but also on global circuits,” says the company, in a statement. It also states that at stake is a position in the global supercar market that is expected to reach €16 billion in 2022 and which is expected to reach €20 billion by 2028.

Ricardo Quintas posits that the intention was to invest in a niche sector, “with a rare, unique and technologically advanced product, where price is not an issue, but exclusivity and performance.” The Furia will therefore be “produced by hand, far from large quantities”, in what it calls the “maximum” of automotive technology. “Our goal is to produce 25 cars per year, each one manufactured exclusively by a team, from start to finish. Thus, the customer knows the people who made his car and can contact them in case of any problem,” he explains.

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Europe and the UAE are immediate target markets for “approval reasons” for the compounds, but Adamastor’s goal is to go further and expand into the USA, South America, Oceania and Asia. The cars will be sold “exclusively at the factory, where the customer can configure his supercar to his liking.” Therefore, there will be no brand showrooms. When intervention is necessary, whether it is maintenance or repair, it is the Adamastor team that takes care of the customer.