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Futsal: Sporting wins Benfica again and is a national champion

Futsal: Sporting wins Benfica again and is a national champion

Sporting is a two-time national champion in futsal after beating Benfica 4-3 tonight in the third match of the championship final.

After two overtime wins in the first two games, the Lions entered the court on Saturday knowing they could finish the night. And it must be said that the task was difficult and painful, but not to the point of needing extra time … for so little.

In the first half, the team coached by Nuno Dias had already participated in the “Kaneco”, winning 3-0. In futsal, everything can change from moment to moment, but that was not the case, despite the ultimate threat to the formation of the Pulpis.

Game movie.

Thanks to goals by Polita, Cavinato and the Cardinal, goalkeeper Andre Sousa – with the help of a valuable deflection from Merlin – responded to reduce the score to 3-1 at the start of the second half.

The Eagles gained new hope, which Zicky Té tried to calm shortly after, taking advantage of the bounce for a nice shot from Pany Varela.

But there is still a game.

Arthur returned to short the Reds twice, and the Eagle returned to be in the discussion in the title. So much so that Arthur himself shocked the post at the last second, in a dramatic finale the lion was crowned again.

Sporting repeats last season’s victory and achieves its 17th title in history. This is more than the difference between his rival Benfica, who has achieved eight achievements in history.