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Futsal: The Lions and Eagles are not surprised when they enter the League Cup

Futsal: The Lions and Eagles are not surprised when they enter the League Cup

Sporting and Benfica entered the League Cup competition against second-tier competitors and were not surprised, qualifying for the next stage of the competition.

Sporting and Benfica won the League Cup, beating their second division rivals. The Lions played the first match, a nostalgic visit to the Peace and Friendship Pavilion in Lloris, which had been the home of futsal Green and white For years to face AMSAC, which was not shy and started to surprise with Joao Damiao's goal in the 3rd minute.

A minute of glory for Santo Antônio dos Cavaleros, as Tomas Paco restored parity the next minute. The home team were ready to fight back and regained control of the scoreboard through Thiago Santos and Sporting were forced to sweat to avoid upsets, as Wesley Rinaldo equalized again in the 14th minute, but AMSAC continued to negotiate the game on equal footing and returned to the front through Carlos Porfirio in the 23rd minute. Grace The latter of the Second Division banner, and since then Sporting has turned the game on its head.

Diogo Santos, in the 26th minute, Tomas Paco, who scored twice in the 30th minute, and Zeke Tee, in the 36th minute, dispelled any doubts and qualified the Lions for the next stage, the quarter-finals of the competition. It was a goal also achieved by Benfica, which played shortly thereafter in Angra do Heroismo, but beat Barbarense (8-0) more calmly.

Gonzalo Sobral opened the scoring in the 5th minute, then Arthur added two goals in the next minute, and Carlos Montero scored two goals in the 18th and 19th minutes. The red spirit continued in the second half and the score increased thanks to Cishkala's goals in the 22nd minute, Arthur's brace in the 25th minute and another surprising brace scored by Jacare in the last two minutes, which led to a calm performance for both teams. Soil.

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