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Galaxy S23: See here the new Samsung prices in Europe

On February 1, 2023, we will get to know the three smartphones Samsung Galaxy S23 Who want to redefine photographic quality for our mobile devices. A significant improvement in battery life is also expected, while maintaining its design language for the new range of Android mobile phones.

Meanwhile, the leaks have revealed everything you need to know about this iconic trio. In particular, we now have detailed information on the possible prices of these mobile devices. More specifically, We have the highest prices in Europe Compared to those practiced in the previous year 2022.

High prices for the Galaxy S23 group coming to Europe

Promotional image attributed to Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone. Credit: @Universe

Information about the price of Samsung smartphones in Europe has recently been published by the publication WinFuture, headquartered in Germany. Of course, the values ​​offered there reflect the realities of the German market, stemming from a reputable and credible source in the sector. Technique.

However, everything presented here lacks official confirmation of arrival soon with products shown during the Galaxy Unpacked event. But let’s see all that this reveals now dropout good reputation.

How much will the Galaxy S23 cost in Europe? From €949

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 (8 GB / 128 GB): 949 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 (8 GB / 256 GB): 1,009 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (8 GB / 256 GB): 1199 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus (8 GB / 512 GB): 1319 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (8 GB / 256 GB): 1399 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (12 GB / 512 GB): 1579 euros
Samsung Galaxy S23
Feature comparison between the three Galaxy S23 models. credit:@rquandt

The keyword is “since”. Note that the leak specifically states that these are the values ​​for Germany. However, as 4gnews readers already know, prices in Portugal are high mainly because Private Copy Code.

The reference values ​​for Germany are now known to us after we recently reported prices for Spain and Denmark from the same source.

High price for Europe, maintenance for the United States

In all reports, for the European market, a price increase is expected for all versions of the smartphone, which also reflects the market inflation that is being felt.

On the other hand, for the United States of America, price maintenance has been indicated in order to maintain the competitiveness of its Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Needless to say, once again, we lack official confirmation of these details. However, at this time, I fully believe that the information disclosed by the above-mentioned source.

In short, prepare your wallet if you’re already thinking of buying the new Samsung Galaxy S23 once it hits stores in mid-February.

S23 pricing from a Spanish retailer: S23 8/128 959 EuroS23 8/256 1019 EuroS23 + 8/256 1209 EuroS23 + 8/512 1329 EuroS23 Ultra 8/256 1409 EuroS23 Ultra 12/512 1589 Euro

– Roland Quandt (@rquandt) January 24, 2023

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