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Galp Energia and BCP PSI-20 earnings take a maximum of a year and a half - Stock Exchange

Galp Energia and BCP PSI-20 earnings take a maximum of a year and a half – Stock Exchange

The PSI-20 finished the day in positive territory, up 0.42% to 5,359.64 points, following the trend of gains in major European markets. In Lisbon, increases of more than 3% were highlighted by Galp Energia and nearly 2% by BCP in the first session of the week.

This Monday, the benchmark index ended the session at year-and-a-half highs. Of the 18 listed companies that make up the index, 13 closed the session “in the green”, three were down, and two – Simaba and Novabase – remained unchanged.

Galp Energia shares rose 3.14%, at 8,484 euros, in this session, as well as BCP shares increased 1.95%, which closed at 12.56 cents. Emphasis is also placed on Altri, whose value rose by 1.75%, to 5.24 euros, and on the rise of Corticeira Amorim by 1.73% (11.74 euros). In retail, heavyweight Jeronimo Martins, owner of the Pingo Doce department store, rose 0.52% to 18.34 euros. On the other hand, Sonae advanced 0.66%, with shares at 91.6 cents.

In the opposite direction, EDP led the losses in this session, falling by 3.44% to 4,660 euros. On the other hand, EDP Renováveis ​​fell 0.81% at €22.16. Ramada completed the trio of listed companies that ended the day in negative territory, down 0.34% to €5.78.

Outside the main index, Greenvolt stood out: the company led by Manso Neto advanced 9.09%, to 5.40 euros. The renewable energy company has crossed the €5 per share mark for the first time since its debut in Lisbon in July.

Greenvolt Bonds in this session was interacting with The beginning of the research coverage by CaixaBank/BPI analysts and BNP Paribas analysts, who indicated that the shares will reach €5.50 and €5.60, respectively, in the coming months.

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