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Galp sets up energy community 'lab' in Caxias to test new concepts – Executive Summary

Galp sets up energy community 'lab' in Caxias to test new concepts – Executive Summary

Galp has created a “living laboratory” to test innovative concepts, technologies and energy solutions unique to the country. Caxias Living Lab is an energy community of 20 buildings featuring 10 energy producers through photovoltaic panels.

This is a collaborative experience where participants have at their disposal more than 200 solar panels, batteries, heat pumps, electric charging points that can return energy to homes and an innovative community battery, among other technologies that will be added throughout the project.

Among the ten producers and twenty consumers of green energy generated in the ecosystem are the Nossa Senhora do Vale Basic School and Kindergarten, the Nossa Senhora das Durres Community Centre, the Parish, the Caxias Municipal Market and private homes.

In this energy society, green electrons produced through photovoltaic panels are used to power heat pumps and electric water heaters, replacing old water heaters and boilers, and also act as chargers for electric cars. Once consumption needs are met, energy is stored in decentralized batteries distributed throughout the community.

In a real environment, the laboratory will generate 140 MWh of green energy annually, reducing grid energy consumption by 30% and eliminating 20 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

“Caxias Living Lab is focused on the laboratory, continuous improvement, and experimentation with users. It symbolizes Galp’s spirit of openness to the outside world, its desire to learn from society, and, above all, its commitment to participating in Creating the energy system of the future with citizens.

Residential participants are expected to see a 30% reduction in grid consumption and a 20-tonne reduction in CO2 emissions at the end of the first year.

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