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Game Informer lists all new Horizon Forbidden West hardware

Game Informer lists all new Horizon Forbidden West hardware

as part of coverage Forbidden horizon west, a detective game It released a list of all the new devices that were already revealed for the title.

Check out the list below, considering we also have a file Creeper (revealed in detail last Monday). Also, we will leave the names in English, but all the devices have names translated in Portuguese.

backing down

Rollerbacks look like giant armadillos that, you guessed it, love to roll. They fold their massive bodies into spinning death balls and shoot themselves at targets, seemingly using the blazing flames of their scale-like shields as propulsion. They also eject their scales as projectiles and then magnetically retrieve them. Furthermore, Rollerbacks are able to launch themselves into the air. This hardware vulnerability reveals several components that players can target to disable and slow Rollerback long enough to dismantle it.


Burrowers are a primary enemy type that Guerrilla describes as a successor to the Watchers from the previous game. Similar to otters or weasels, the Burrower is highly agile and acts as a reconnaissance machine that uses its high-pitched voice to stun targets and alert allies. Inspired by animals, Burrowers are also adept at swimming.


Clamberjaw are scavengers with a baboon-like appearance and structure. Therefore, it is as acrobatic as it is aggressive. In addition to climbing walls, Clamberjaws have many debilitating attacks. It doesn’t help that they often travel in groups, which means players will need to keep their eyes on the ground and trees when dealing with them.


The mammoth-like Tremortusk is one of the first bosses who impressed players when Forbidden horizon west It was shown for the first time. This fortress-like giant is armed with a variety of heavy weapons such as cannons and highly resistant shields. Tremortusks compete against the most powerful machines in the world Zero Down, Thunderjaw and Stormbird, making it especially worrisome that the human Regalla faction has captured them and weaponized them for their own use.


Clawstriders were among the first machines in the West’s Forbidden, despite appearing briefly in comics horizon. These mechanical velociraptors are as scary as their extinct counterparts and move in groups. This means that it probably won’t be the person you see who is transporting you; It will be the Clawstrider you didn’t know existed. The Clawstriders also emit an exhausting, screeching “scream” that temporarily stuns Aloy. Clawstriders can be mounted despite their aggressive behavior, as seen in previous shots with Regalla soldiers mounted above them to attack Aloy. This also means that players can trade in and hop aboard their own Clawstrider. the The latest trailer from The Game Awards It also revealed a fire-breathing variant.


We first saw this majestic giant tortoise lifting its camouflaged body from a swamp after meeting Aloy in the first trailer. It might sound cool, but the Schlesnaber is a fighting machine that ambushes anyone who intrudes on its territory. The snapping turtle bite can extend its neck and also release blasts of pressurized water. There is also this cumbersome shield that protects it, which means that players will have to find clever ways to eliminate this monster.

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Hovering beneath the depths is the Tideripper, an aquatic creature that follows the prehistoric theme of many other machines by resembling a plesiosaur. It controls the ocean and collects resources by filtering sediment from the water. While Tiderippers appear relatively harmless, they have no problem attacking Aloy at sea or on land.

Sun Wing

Watching Sunwing fly west is a wonderful sight. The wings of this pterosaur-like machine consist of flexible plates that absorb the sun and, presumably, feed themselves. Guerrilla previously stated that Sunwings are vulnerable to solar harvesting, but are also more alert to threats when they are stationary.

Forbidden horizon west It will be released on February 18, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.