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Games under 20 – campaign on PlayStation Store

The Sony Interactive Entertainment announced back to Playstation Store from the campaignGames under 20 euros”, which means that, until August 31, players can buy great titles for less than 20 euros.

Among the offers available, we highlight Eternal group in Diablo IIIwhich is now available with these promotions for only €19.79 (from €59.99).

StarWars fans can buy Deluxe Edition in STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order Which now costs €14.99 (from €59.99). Here, players await a third-person adventure created by Respawn Entertainment that will stretch across the galaxy.

In addition, the main features of this campaign are The Crew 2 (Golden Edition)And the Ice Combat 7: Unknown Sky or Bioshock: The group Also available at Playstation Store For less than 20 euros until August 31. But there is more.

Below you can find some of the main highlights of the campaign:

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Find everything here Games for sale in this campaign.