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Gaming at a good price - Advertisements for players on Cyber ​​Monday 2021

Gaming at a good price – Advertisements for players on Cyber ​​Monday 2021

What’s Best to Choose During Ongoing Advertising – This question is currently being asked by every person who plans to buy a few dream gadgets or accessories at no extra cost. Not all types of electronics are cheap, so every new purchase should be well thought out. Xbox Series X.

What games and equipment are currently on sale?

Games for these consoles can have a significant impact on the home budget, which is why the Cyber ​​Monday discount is a great opportunity to save some of the newly released hits. The same applies to equipment for situational players – a mechanical chair that enhances the comfort of playing, a comfortable chair or a powerful computer, with the latest products such as the Far Cry 6 or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla running at full power.

Of course, this is only a small part of the gaming ads, so we have prepared a guide in which we have collected some of the best opportunities for players. There you will find media consulting equipment, console accessories and many other great products available at attractive prices..

Mad Doc GH900 Headphones

Photo: Media Expert

Mad Doc GH900 gaming headphones with a frequency response of up to 20,000, allow you to listen to all the beats of your favorite game’s soundtrack. This will allow you to distinguish individual parts of the symphonic soundtrack directly from the Hertz Skyrim, and it will be useful during online games, where you can determine success or failure by listening to your opponent’s beats. Speaking of online products – the Mad Doc GH900 headphones have a detachable microphone, thanks to which there is no need to connect an additional device to communicate with other team members. It is also worth noting that the system in question supports surround sound (7.1), which also works well on network games.

Track ACER Nitro XV270P

Photo: Media Expert

When playing on a computer, the monitor is one of the most important issues – if the screen can not display the image at high resolution, why do we need a powerful computer with a capable graphics card or processor? For this reason, the 27-inch ACER Nitro XV270P is the best monitor for players with a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz. This allows you to maintain greater accuracy when playing network products (eg Counselor Strike: Global Offensive), and the IPS matrix offers a wide range of angles (178 degrees vertically and horizontally). Monitor matrix (1V) with maximum resolution of 1920 × 1080 (HD) is characterized by short response time and exceptionally high static variation – up to 1000: 1. As a testament to its compatibility with the VESA standard (100 × 100 mm), the device is also suitable for wall mounting.

Xbox Series X + FIFA 22 Console + Headphones

Photo: Media Expert

This collection is aimed at players who want to modernize their gaming stand or start their adventure anew in electronic entertainment media. Why? The Xbox Series X console provides access to the GamePass service, commonly referred to as “Netflix for Gamers”. For a small, consecutive fee, you get access to more than 100 items – high budget products (like Forza Horizon 5) and small titles that impress with their style or algorithm. The portfolio of games available for subscription is constantly updated, and FIFA 22, which comes with this bundle, is a great opportunity to play alone or with friends in one of the many modes available. Icing comfortable headphones on the cake, thanks to which the game will be even more enjoyable (useful, especially if there are others in the house or apartment).

FIFA 22 for PC

Photo: Media Expert

A complete classic known to football lovers and those who are not interested in this sport in general. The EA Sports product will allow you to play the role of your favorite players, but nothing will stop you from completing your own team of the best players and winning consecutive matches in the many modes produced by the developers. More than 17 thousand. Players from 700 teams test their skills at 90 venues. FIFA 22 is the latest installment of the popular series, available in full Polish language dubbing.

Claviotura Mad Dog GK900 RGB OUTEMU Brown

Photo: Media Expert

Contrary to appearance, the mechanical keyboard only works well when playing – each key has its own switch design, which works well when working on a computer. The MAD DOG GK900 RGB Keyboard is a solution with OUTEMU Brown switches that, thanks to its design, will appeal to the tastes of many. The 1.8 m cable is disconnected with a USB connection, making the device compatible with both desktop personal computers and laptops. The RGB backlight is unique to each of the 104 keys, and the user can choose one of ten lighting modes or create his own profile.

Laptop Lenovo Legion 7 15IMH05

Photo: Media Expert

Equipped with the powerful Intel Core i7-10750H processor, the Lenovo Legion 7 is the engine developed for laptop gaming. The large, 15.6-inch Liquid Crystal Display (IPS) has an exceptional 144 Hz refresh rate. It will be primarily appreciated by people who want to spend time in arcade network games, where the reflexes are calculated. The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card allows you to immerse yourself more and more in the gaming world – support for radiation tracking, a technology that detects light rays in real time. On the other hand, even when working with multiple programs simultaneously, 16GB of RAM is guaranteed for high performance. A fast SSD with a capacity of 1 TB will allow you to install a large number of games without constantly thinking “do I have enough space”.

Mysz Mad Dog GM750

Photo: Media Expert

Equipped with a USB interface, the MAD DOG GM750 Gaming Mouse is a device that proves itself only during extreme gaming sessions. The light, durable structure made of ABS plastic is suitable for both left and right hands, ensuring the comfort of the user in any situation. The Pixart 3325 sensor ensures high reactivity. With one button, the user can change the resolution of the mouse and select one of the six modes produced – with an adjustment limit of up to 10,000. DPI (points per inch). The software, which can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website, allows you to customize the RGB backlight to your liking.

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