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Gas prices go up?  Find out how to return to the organized market

Gas prices go up? Find out how to return to the organized market

After the two major national energy companies – EDP and Galp – announced increases in natural gas prices from October, the government decided to allow consumers in the liberalized natural gas market to return – if they wish – to adhere to the regulated tariff. The measure can be beneficial to many. For example, for a couple with two children and no central heating, and with an annual consumption of 292 cubic meters of gas, being on the regulated market can save between four and 46 euros per month. The question now is how consumers can return to the regulated market for natural gas.

What do you do to return to the organized market?

The government has decided to lift legal restrictions on the regulated gas tariff (which prevents those who have joined the free market from reversing the decision) to prevent families and small traders – who have annual gas consumption of up to 10,000 cubic meters – from being affected by 150% more on your bill.

Thus, any consumer will be able to switch from the liberalized market to the regulated market whenever he wants, without any additional charges. According to the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE)exist today 12 Trader of last resort for natural gasie with the regulated tariff. In the case of electricity there are 13. However, in the liberalized market, the number of suppliers can be five times greater.

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To return to the regulated tariff, with the government ensuring that the price charged is lower than the price charged in the liberalized market, the consumer only has to sign a new contract with the supplier of last resort. The new supplier company will be to handle the transition with the old supplier. The change may take up to three weeks to complete, but there will be no additional consumer charge. There is also no risk of running out of gas access in the home during the resource switching process.

What distinguishes the regulated tariff from the prices used in the liberalized market?