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Gasoline 95 sold 2.7 cents above the Effective Price.  Diesel is 4.5 cents more expensive, ERSE reveals

Gasoline 95 sold 2.7 cents above the Effective Price. Diesel is 4.5 cents more expensive, ERSE reveals

ERSE (Energy Services Regulatory Entity) published this Monday the ‘Weekly Report on the Supervision of Sales Prices to the Public of 95 Simple Petrol and Simple Diesel’, referring to the week from 9 to 15 January 2023.

Thus, on the 9th of December, the effective values ​​determined were 1.678 € / liter for straight 95 petrol and 1.657 € / liter for straight diesel.

It has been verified that the average sales prices to the public announced on the portals, and reported in the Balcão Único da Energia, were 4.5 cents/l above the effective price, in that week, in the case of 95 simple petrol, and 2, 7 cents/l, higher in the case of straight diesel. In percentage terms, the 95 straight petrol was advertised on arcades 2.6% above the effective price and the simple diesel was advertised 1.6% above the effective price.

The tax on petroleum products (ISP) was amended and published in Decree No. 312-F/2022, dated December 30, which amends the ISP unit rates applicable to gasoline and diesel, which represent 0.47164 EUR/EGP 0.29598 EUR/L respectively 95 straight gasoline and diesel , respectively.

ERSE explains that, following the approved amendments to the Special Consumption Tax Law, “the amount of the road service contribution is included in the ISP unit rates, within the framework of neutrality, corresponding to 0.087 €/l and 0.111 €/l in petrol and diesel, respectively” .

Decree No. º 312-F / 2022, valid from January 2 to February 5, 2023. Successive ISP updates represent a decrease of 14.2 cents per liter in petrol and 15.8 cents per liter in diesel, with reference to the value specified in Ordinance No. 301- A/2018, dated November 23.

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Likewise, ERSE explains that Ordinance No. 312-F/2022, dated December 30, maintains the suspension of updating the addendum on CO2 emissions, applying the rate set for 2021 until February 5, 2023, which is 0.05434 €/l and 0.0592 €/l for gasoline. and diesel respectively.

For the week from 2nd to 8th January, the effective price before tax is 0.838€/l for 95-octane petrol and 0.992€/l for straight-line diesel. After taxes, the effective price is 1,678 €/l for the 95th petrol and 1,657 €/l for the straight-line diesel.

The effective price is the average weekly price determined by the Energy Services Regulatory Entity (ERSE) and is determined by the sum of the following components: fuel prices in the reference international markets, sea freight and basic logistics, including reserves in this part Strategic and security aspects of the national petroleum system, and incremental costs with the integration of the biofuel and retail component plus related taxes.

The effective price recorded an update, compared to last week, by -0.2% for petrol and -1.4% for diesel, taking into account the weekly variation of world prices for 95 simple petrol at -0, 4% and simple diesel by -2.6%.

Compared to last week, regarding the reduced prices published by the DGEG, straight 95 petrol showed a deviation of – 0.3% compared to the effective price and simple diesel – 2.8%. In absolute terms, these estimates are set for straight 95 petrol, at -0.4c/l, and for straight diesel – 4.6c/l, lower than the respective effective prices.