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Gathered again after the "Super Dealer Event"

Gathered again after the “Super Dealer Event”

In August 2020, several thousand people were confirmed infected after attending a motorcycle meeting in Sturgis, South Dakota. A study by labor economics estimated that the infection had spread to more than 250,000 people after the event.

The meeting has been described as a super-widespread event.

However, the organizers are aiming to double the number of participants this year. In 2020, about 400,000 people took part in the ten-day meeting, while organizers aim to cut 700,000 people by this year.

– We love motorcycles

On Friday the mega event started.

– It’s just a real family atmosphere, everyone is here for the same reason – we love motorcycles, participant Aaron Harper tells the news agency AP.

If you are a motorcyclist, you should experience this at least once in your life, he says.

The Associated Press writes that it appears that very few people are particularly concerned about corona infection at the event, despite the increase in infections in South Dakota.

The Party: The party was in full swing on Thursday night.  Photo: Stephen Groves/AP/NTB
festival: The party was already in full swing Thursday night. Photo: Stephen Groves/AP/NTB
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Delta infection

A group of researchers from the US Center for Infection Control (CDC) analyzed mobile phone data from the region in 2020, concluding that more than half of US municipalities were visited by at least one person who participated in the motorcycle meeting. .

The New York Times He writes that a number of southern states of the United States are now in the largest outbreaks of the epidemic since the outbreak of the epidemic. Much of this is due to the delta variable.

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The delta variant is more contagious than previous variants of the coronavirus, and vaccines also do not protect against infection. Vaccines still protect well against serious diseases.

made a move

Authorities in Stoges have taken some measures to prevent infection. They offer, among other things, rapid tests and hand alcohol, and encourage the use of bandages.

A vaccination center has also been set up in the city, to provide a single-dose vaccine for Johnson and Johnson, although this also needs several weeks before it provides any significant protection against Covid-19, the New York Times writes.

In addition, the rule that alcoholic beverages are not allowed outdoors has been temporarily removed, in an effort to prevent crowding in the city’s bars and nightclubs.

“We encourage people who are at risk, either because of age or underlying disease, to come next year,” Dan Ainsley, president of Stooges, told the New York Times.

a lot of people: The Smash Mouth band gathered big crowds during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Video: KOTATV
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– Every man for himself

Rapid City is a half-hour drive south of Sturgis.

There, motorcyclists began checking hotels about a week ago, Mayor Steve Allender says. He offered the authorities in Storge for advice and help, but to no avail, he says.

“The authorities tried to help save lives, but failed due to the political climate and the controversy over the use of bandages,” Allender says.

He fears that the giant blow now will lead to more infections.

– I say it can’t be stopped. Allender claims that communities across the state have taken everyone’s stand for themselves.

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