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GDDKiA reports on S61 implementation via Baltica.  When do we take the Lomsa Bypass? [FOTO] Lomsa

GDDKiA reports on S61 implementation via Baltica. When do we take the Lomsa Bypass? [FOTO] Lomsa

“We continue to use a series of sections of the international transport corridor connecting the Baltic states with Western Europe – via the Baltica. These are sections of the S8 and S61 expressways that cross the border between Warsaw and Fujisco,” the Białystok branch said. Directorate General of National Roads and Motorways. With more than 311 km in the future via Baltica, drivers will already have 200 km at their disposal.

“The full route of the S8 Expressway is over 96 km from the Boskovskaya Junction in Warsaw to the Astro Masovica. Last year, we operated four sections of the S61 with a total length of about 72 km. .Drivers are at their disposal from Shinyadovo to the Łomża Południe junction, from the Kolno junction to the end of the Szczuczyn bypass and the Wysokie – Suwałki bypass, connecting the S61 in the 13-kilometer section. Informs the branch

Via Baltica – GDDKiA o in Białystok according to job status. ‘S data:

Potpourri – Schnyadovo

This is the link of the S8 Expressway with the S61, approximately 19.5 km, with the new Podbor junction on the S8. It also invests in the reconstruction of about 3 km of this route.

– In December 2021, after Mazovian Voivode granted permission to implement the Road Investment (ZRID), the contractor took over the construction site and began the first works despite the winter. It is planned to complete the work and make this section of the S61 available to drivers in the fall of 2023.

Łomża South – Łomża West

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Drivers are already using the slip roads of the Łomża Południe junction, while the entire road is about 7.2 km long, ready but closed to traffic. The reason is that the Łomża Zachód junction where this part of the S61 is to be connected is activated as part of the neighboring section – omża bypass.

– This will be implemented at a slightly later date by an unreliable contractor who was forced to terminate the contract last year – GDDKiA insists.

சாலைomża Południe – National Road No., part of the omża West section. The nearly 9-kilometer section of the 63 will be built on the new route, which joins the S61 at the omża Południe junction to Zambo.

Lomsa West – Colno

The next section between the Łomża Zachód and Kolno junctions is the 12.9 km long Lomsa Bypass, which has a new bridge over the Narev.

– In May 2021, we withdrew from the contract. COVID-19 epidemic and the arrival of dozens of staff from Italy is impossible – explains the Białystok branch of the Directorate. – Knowing the importance of this section to both Łomża residents and the continuation of S61, we announced a new tender, which selected a new contractor. We plan to sign with him on the Design and Built Formula in May of this year. Due to the strategic importance of this section of the S61 to the operation of the Baltica route via the full route, we expect this section to pass through (one road) by 2024, and the entire section will be open to traffic a year later, viz. In 2025.

Sections S61 from Podborne to Stavisk Junction are co – funded by the European Union under the Infrastructure and Environment Action Plan.

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Szczuczyn – Ełk South

At the end of the Szczuczyn bypass it turns north from the current DK61 via Baltica towards Ełk. At the first construction site in three sections, the 23 km long Szczuczyn – Ełk Południe, is already 90 per cent laid. Intensive work is underway to attach all the pieces to the concrete surface, and the rest of the area. Concrete work of load-bearing structures on all bridge structures has been completed and construction of bituminous surface has begun. Two junctions will be built: DK61 and Dł65 at the Ełk Południe junction and MOP Niekrasy and Guty at the junction on either side of the road. Currently, finishing work such as construction of fences, construction of road signs and construction of ancillary structures for vertical signs are also being carried out. Material progress of the entire segment is estimated to be over 90%, and all work is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022.

Ełk Południe – வைசோகி

Intensive work is also underway to build another 23 km stretch near Ełk. Following the ZRID decision, work began in the fall of 2020. In winter, mainly bridge works (reinforcement, concrete) were carried out. Road works were carried out to a certain extent and mainly involved earthworks (alternative, surface reinforcement of slopes, ditches and sewers, excavations, embankments). Currently, the contractor is in the process of laying the concrete floor. A connector is built into the future S16 and Ełk east terminal in connection with the S61. The progress of total investment is currently over 60 per cent. The expected completion date is Q2 2023.

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Suwałki – Budzisko

The last frontier of the S61 is 24 km long. The material improvement of the work is estimated at about 75 percent. Excavations and embankments are being made, and successive layers of the pavement structure of the future expressway are being developed. Work is also being carried out on engineering structures. As part of the investment, tourism service centers will be built in Żubryn Zachód and Żubryn Wschód and Budzisko Zachód and Budzisko Wschód. The road is scheduled for service in September this year.

The construction of the S61 sections from Szczuczyn to the Lithuanian border is funded by the European Union under the European facility connecting.

Source: GDDKiA o. Białystok / Ed. mylomza

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