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Gear stick enthusiast?  Toyota wants a fake manual gearbox for electric cars

Gear stick enthusiast? Toyota wants a fake manual gearbox for electric cars

After manufacturers embed simulated engine noise into electric cars to lure enthusiasts, Toyota now wants to create a fake manual gearbox, in order to bring electric cars closer to internal combustion engines.

For fans of cars with an internal combustion engine, there are details that make all the difference and can, in some way, be an obstacle to buying electric cars - from engine noise to a manual gearbox.

Therefore, Toyota's idea is to make electric drivers feel like they are driving a car with an internal combustion engine. according to The Wall Street JournalFor this, the Japanese company is working on a gearbox similar to that of conventional models, but fake.

The goal is clear: to combine the advantages associated with an electric vehicle with the experience of a conventional drive.

According to the same source, the gearbox that Toyota plans to install in some of its electric models is completely artificial. After all, the idea is just to simulate the use of a conventional gearbox.

In addition, the columns that will appear will include engine noise (non-existent), as it already happens on some electrified models for pedestrian safety, but also depending on the preference of the drivers.

Manual gearbox

In any case, this fake manual gearbox is still a prototype in development, so it's not clear if we'll actually see it in Toyota vehicles - or other manufacturers interested in the idea.

However, the curiosity remains, since the electric car does not have an internal combustion engine, nor any type of gear that requires a manual gear shift, this is an idea whose implementation would be interesting.

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