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Gemini AI app for Android is now available in Brazil

Gemini AI app for Android is now available in Brazil

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Brazilians can now install the Google Gemini app on Android mobile phones. Hey Canaltech She confirmed that the company launched the application in Portuguese on the Play Store, putting an end to the “trick” of installing the platform through the APK file. With the availability of the app, users gain the ability to set the chatbot as their default digital assistant instead of Google Assistant.

Gemini application in Brazil

The version of the app was discovered in Brazil by Canaltech This morning, Wednesday (24). During the trials, we were able to install the app on two Android cell phones in Brazil, both through the Play Store.

Previously, it was only possible to install the platform through the Google Play Store if you were in the United States. To use it in Brazil, it was necessary to perform a parallel process when installing the APK.

Gemini can now be downloaded on Android in Brazil without any workaround (Image: Screenshot/Douglas Ciriaco/Canaltech)

In addition to installing Gemini, when accessed, the platform offered the option to set the chatbot as your virtual digital assistant. This action allows you to replace Google Assistant to ask questions, requests, and more through voice commands.

Hey Canaltech She reached out to Google for more details about the release of the Gemini app in Brazil, but has not received any response yet. The text will be updated if you reply.

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